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Shooting beer is a whole separate area in advertising photography. As well as one of the most interesting. There are quite a few advertising photographers that made their careers on this single area of expertise.
In general I would say if you understand how to take a great picture of a glossy transparent product – you can shoot almost anything else. That’s what makes beverage photography is one of the most important themes to dig into.


3 hours, 46 minutes




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This course is for you, if you …

… Have some experience with studio lighting and want to learn or improve your skills in a bottled beverage photography

… Learn how to photograph fast and easy with the minimum lighting gear, using it in with a very effective shooting techniques shown in this course.

… Would like to become a pro in shooting beer and get enough confidence for working for major local or worldwide brands.

About the course’s


Ilya Plotnikov

Ilya Plotnikov

Ilya has grown from an in-house photographer to the founder of one of the top Russian photography, CGI, and creative retouching studios – Doberman Studio.

Along with his team, he managed to build a studio that helps to keep the Russian advertising industry at the highest possible level.

Ilya has been chosen by Luerzer’s Archive as one of the best ad photographers in the world for two years in a row.

He works for major worldwide ad agencies such as McCann, BBDO, DDB, etc., and such famous companies as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Bud, Nestle, Unilever, and many others. His works are featured in l’Officiel, InStyle, and Forbes.

See Ilya’s portfolio 

Max Plotnikov

I started my photography in high school. I’ve been shooting black and white and then color film. It was sort of a background hobby.

After graduation, I had worked for a product package design studio for about 10 years before I joined Doberman. It was the place where I first met professional product photographers. I was very impressed by what they were doing. Among other things I have been part of food photography, some splash photography, etc. That was a truly invaluable experience. As I say – I was really impressed by what our product photographers were doing, but somehow never considered myself being a professional product photographer.

See Max’s portfolio

Max Plotnikov

After program you can make photos like this

Sample photos from the program’s video lessons that you will learn.

BEFORE and AFTER Post-Production

Before Post-Production - beer photography course BEFORE
After Post-Production - beer photography course AFTER

Course Breakdown

Total Running Time: 3 hours, 46 minutes 
Level: Professional

Proper focal length is one of the keys to making a great photo. I go through several most common for commercial photography focal lengths and angles and compare results with ad pictures of different beer brands.

In order to achieve success in advertising photography one should first learn all basic tools and techniques that allow to get any desirable result. How to get a nice clean reflex on the bottle, how to create a fading reflex, how to avoid interference of several lights – these and other questions are answered in this and the next part.

Second and final part about lighting.

Classic “American” lighting scheme with one light behind the bottle and centered light on the label.

Some ideas could be much easier realized on retouching instead of creating a complicated lighting scheme. This image is an example of how simple post production can save a lot of time and allow to receive an impressive result.

European style of shooting beer. Very delicate fading reflexes and calm mood.

Sometimes advertising images are based on a logo embossed on a glass. In this case the main goal is to show the beauty of shapes.

The whole new approach to shooting beer by making a series of images with just one light at a time and composing lights on post production.

Retouching of Stella Artois bottle and working on the background.

Retouching of the first image and creating a background with a glow underneath the bottle.

Retouching of the second image by composing three pictures into one image.

Retouching of the third image and creating a nice classic green Heineken background.

Retouching of the fourth and five images. Color correction and composing of different parts of the images.

Retouching of the sixth image. An innovating technique of composing lights which give a great flexibility in a post production process.

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