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Max Plotnikov

Commercial Studio Photographer

Max Plotnikov

About Max Plotnikov

I started my photography in high school. I’ve been shooting black and white and then color film. It was sort of a background hobby.

After graduation, I had worked for a product package design studio for about 10 years before I joined Doberman. It was the place where I first met professional product photographers. I was very impressed by what they were doing. Among other things I have been part of food photography, some splash photography, etc. That was a truly invaluable experience. As I say – I was really impressed by what our product photographers were doing, but somehow never considered myself being a professional product photographer.

I came to Doberman with the idea to expand it to fully integrated creative and production studio.

We turned photography and retouching into something bigger – casting, stylists, makeup artists, shooting logistics, 3D graphics.

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