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The Certification Program

Complete Guide To Product
Photography Course

Techniques that will open doors to you for a successful career as a commercial product photographer.

6 Month course's program
40+ hours on-demand video
11 Assignments
Review your work by our instructors
Online webinars
Weekly video sessions with your instructors
At the end
Certificate and listing at the Photigy Marketplace

This program is
for you if you are a:

 ✔ Wedding photographer

and have experience in wedding photography, but are losing profits due to competition from amateurs and low-fee photographers entering the market.

 ✔ Product Photographer

already working in this market and have local clients, but do not have experience working with larger ad agencies and brands.

 ✔ Small Business Owner

who wants to set up a mini-studio in your office and learn photography well enough to take good pictures of your merchandise that will sell?

 ✔ Amateur photographer

who loves photography, but does not know how to turn your hobby into a profitable and sustainable business.

What skills will you have after successfully finishing this program?


Will know how to use professional lighting in a studio. Will understand how to set up a studio for different types of products and compositions .


Will be able to create stunning images for local restaurants and small businesses as well as working with ad agencies and world-wide brands. .


Will easily and enjoyably create mind-blowing splashes and other special effects that can be used for creating well-paid projects in advertising.


Will know best practice when it comes to buying photography gear: which cameras and lenses, lighting, and filters are the best for commercial studio photographers.


Will know how to use props and decoration in creating compositions that sell for cosmetics, food, and electronics.


Will understand how to set up a photography business to make a living from it and how to earn passive income from the images you create. Will know how to properly license your work.


Understand how to setup photography business to make a living from it and ern a passive income from the image you created. Learn how to properly license your work.

The Certification Program includes interactive learning to help you understand course materials faster and to give you practical knowledge in commercial studio photography.

Assignments: your work will be reviewed by our instructors, and you will receive personal critiques and suggestions for improvements for every submitted photo.

Bi-weekly, online webinars with your instructor will help you to get answers to any questions you might have during the course.

Private, members-only forum for all course students creates a great environment where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and see how other students are doing using the course.

Sample photos from the program’s video lessons that you will learn from and also shoot yourself for course assignments.

Upon successful completion of the program, we help you get your first clients.

Professional Certificate

Professional certification shows potential clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained. It gives them confidence in your abilities because it proves that your skills have been evaluated and approved by a well-regarded, professional organization.

We Help You Get Your First Clients

All students who successfully complete this certification program will be listed as featured certified, professional photographers at Photigy Marketplace for free.

Alex Koloskov

Author of the program, entrepreneur, and expert in commercial photography.

- Founder of Photigy School Of Photography
- Over 20,000 graduated students
- One of the world's best commercial advertising photographers
- Instructor at KelbyOne.com, Udemy.com.
- 10 years experience in commercial product photography and teaching

Upon successful completion of the program, we help you get your first clients

One Time Payment


Save 10% With One Time Payment

6 Months Split

$195/mo For 6 months

$195 per month form 6 months

Alex's students saying:

I have come to this course sort of influenced by some tutorials from Alex I saw elsewhere. In all honesty, my expectations were mitigated but the Thanksgiving sale influenced my decision. From the first lesson of the first unit, it was obvious I made the right choice.
Since then, I went thru 4 Units in less than a month. It is amazing how much I did NOT know. I am learning so frigging much and I’m only at half the course.
I will never thank Alex enough for all the light (no pun) he has shed on so many things I thought I knew or didn’t even know existed.
I am glad I paid half-price thanks to the sales, but knowing what’s in that course now, I would pay the full price with no hesitation at all. It is worth it.
Finally, I think I will finish the course ahead of time and whether I get certified or not, I will take the whole course again because there is no way anyone can retain everything from just one viewing, there is just too much information, all of it worthy.
One day perhaps, our paths will cross and I will thank you Alex in person.

~ Marc Serhan

We reached a point in our photography were we felt like we had hit a dead end and didn’t know how to improve our technique. That’s when we came across Photigy. Alex and his team not only showed us new ideas but gave us encouragement to explore new possibilities though improvisation. This opened up a whole new world for us and for that we cannot thank Alex and his team enough.
~  James Shannon

I fell into product photography by chance after doing tertiary studies in photo imaging. I felt your courses were at a premium price but I am shocked at how much I learn from each and every course. This is unaccountably the best place to be if you want to specialize in product photography. Your lessons are amazing and inspiring. Thank you so much.
~ Terry McGuire

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