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Advertising Product Photography. Part 2 (members-only)

Stop trying to take perfect product photos the hard way!…

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Learn How to Make Your Photos Look Luxury After a Professional Retouch With This Course

Instructor: Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova

This course, Advertising Product Photography Part 2 – Post-Production, takes on some of the images that were created in Advertising Product Photography Part 1 – Studio Work and now shows you how to prepare them for final display. As a professional product photographer, your work is not done yet. Even the best of shots in the studio will still need work done after the shooting is done.

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Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: 9hr 24min

Level: 4 (Advanced)

While the basics for processing each of the images have the same workflow, the exact steps for processing the image will differ based on the content of the image. You will begin by opening the image in Adobe Camera Raw – if you use Adobe Lightroom, the exact same processing can be done there before importing into Adobe Photoshop.

From there the processing will guide you through the cleaning up of any spots caused from dust on the object or on the sensor of your camera, adjusting lines and shadows, removing or correcting any kind of distracting elements, fixing alignment, as well as other adjustments that result in improving the overall quality of your image.

Unlike catalog images, advertising images generally require much more post production work since they are used to sell products and require much more finishing work. It is here that you will learn how to use the many tools that Adobe Photoshop has to offer such as the Clone Stamp tool, Healing Brush, adjustment layers, and more.

  • Kate Somerville Cosmetic: - 1hr 54min

    In this video, the shot selected was one that will show you how to work with less than a perfect image and multiple shots to create a high-quality final image.




    Before and After look of this lesson:

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  • Marchesa Perfume Bottle: - 59min

    Here you will work with four shots; one bright, one intermediate, one blue, and one for the gemstones.  This video will show you how to merge them together to create one perfect shot.




    Before and After of Post-Processing of the image:

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  • Sephora Nail Polish: - 2hr 43min

    This kind of shot becomes a bit tougher because of the use of the drop of nail polish. Every time you try to get another shot, there will be movement at the very least on the part of the brush.  Because of the length of this retouching, this video was divided into two parts.




    Duration: 2hr 43min

    Before and After of Post-Processing of the image:

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  • Women's Citizen Watch Shot: - 1hr 31min

    This looks at working with a watch that has gemstones and glass, and other glossy surfaces.  Because of the nature of this type of item, there is a lot of cleanup and so you will learn quite a number of tricks to enhance this process.



    Before and After of Post-Processing of the image:

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  • White iPhone on White Background: - 1hr 16min

    Four shots are used to create this shot.



    Before and After of Post-Processing of the image:

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  • Tabletop Product Photography Post-Production: - 1hr 2min

    This looks at the post production for the products that were created in the eBook from part 1.



  • Will I be able to download videos from this course and watch them offline?

    – No, this course is made only for online viewing. Only Pro Club members can watch the videos in this course (it is a part of a package) 

  • When I have a question or troubles getting a shot, can I ask the instructor for a help?

    – Yes! As a course student, you will be a part of a private group and forum, where you can ask instructor any question and/or post your results for the review. We encourage you to participate in this group!

In Advertising Product Photography Part 2 – Post-Production you will learn the technical skills to finish up your product shots through the use of Photoshop techniques. Here you will learn solid skills to make your images look professional. It is these kinds of skills that can not only make your photos look great, but it will also give you more flexibility to be creative when you shoot.

Course Curriculum

[pro] Cosmetic Photography Workshop. Post-Production 02:00:00
[pro] Advertising Product Photography Workshop. Part Two, Post-Production 02:00:00
[pro] Creative Nail Polish Shot Workshop. Post-Production 02:42:00
[pro] Women’s Watch Shot: Post-Production 01:31:00
[pro] White Subject on a white background: iPhone shot. Post-Production 01:16:00
[pro] Tabletop Product Photography in examples, part 2 (Post-Production) 01:01:00
Q&A and review sessions
[pro] Support call (09/30/2014) Level 4 Product 00:54:00

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    Very usefull course as all the courses I did

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    Photoshop Secrets

    This is a great course to learn the little photoshop secrets that the professional retouchers use everyday to make an image shine.

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    Very good! It teaches very well what to do to make photos look better and remove imperfections

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