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CGI and 3D In Photography

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Photigy Pro Club is the only place where you will learn everything about studio photography AND get professional feedback on your work. Our instructors are experienced photographers, who are passionate about their work and committed to helping every individual student. 

We are a community, and we help each other. Join us and you’ll see results in the first week of your membership!

Recent Workshops & Tutorials

Breakdown of CGI Whiskey Composition

Breakdown of CGI Whiskey Composition   Hi everyone! I am Andrey Mikhaylov I hope this short article will be interesting for photographers which want to make steps toward CGI. Here I’m going to explain some details about the image below, mostly I’ll try to show...

Creating Fillets (Chamfers)

Creating Fillets (Chamfers) Fillets are on of the essentials of every great 3D model. There are no objects in the...