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Photorealistic rendering and cgi are great assets to have when working in product photography. What you might not be able to achieve in the studio you can still incorporate into your final image. With a little bit of knowledge, you can create additional props, render environments and more to really add something extra to your images. Check out Photigy’s classes on CGI/3D to learn about how to render, light objects and more.

Recent Workshops & Tutorials

Breakdown of CGI Whiskey Composition

Breakdown of CGI Whiskey Composition   Hi everyone! I am Andrey Mikhaylov I hope this short article will be interesting for photographers which want to make steps toward CGI. Here I’m going to explain some details about the image below, mostly I’ll try to show...

Creating Fillets (Chamfers)

Creating Fillets (Chamfers) Fillets are on of the essentials of every great 3D model. There are no objects in the...