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This is a Level 2 studio photography course. Photographers should know the basics of camera usage and studio lighting.

Take Catalog Shots Professionally and Effortlessly: All Techniques You’ll Need in This Course  

Instructor: Alex Koloskov

Glass-shot-white-lecture-1081Catalog Product Photography is a series of videos that will take you through various real-world situations of photographing products in the studio.

By working through four main scenarios you will gain a fundamental grasp of working with different lighting situations as they present themselves. These are step-by-step demonstrations that are shown in free-form mode.

This means that you will see how the process works in real life where you diagnose the problems and learn how to solve them.


You will begin with a through look at studio lighting, cameras, lenses, support, and all of the other items that will come in handy when working in the studio.

At this point, you are not required to have all of this gear, but by gaining an understanding of what is available, you will be in a better position to know what you may need for a particular shot.


A lot of information is presented here and the question and answer session will help fill in the blanks.


Wine-bottle-lecture-finale-061-koloskovFrom there you will see how to work with several types of subjects including shooting white products on white backgrounds, glossy on white, textured objects – in this case shoes, and how to bring out the texture while still preserving the semi-gloss nature.

You will look at how to shoot clear glass and how to deal with the reflections on the glass that can occur because of the lighting, and finally you will see how to work with a dark bottle of wine in a variety of lighting situations.

Studio Product Photography Essentials (catalog work) course
Certificate from photigy photography school

Course Completion Certificate Included:

After successfully finishing this course you will be issued with a professional certificate from Photigy Photography School.

Professional certification shows potential clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained.It gives them confidence in your abilities because it proves that your skills have been evaluated and approved by a well-regarded professional organization.

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Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: 10hr 25min

Level:  2

Part 1: Introduction –29:47 –

  • How to use Lighting and Light Modifiers in Studio Product Photography: - 35:09 –

    Begins by exploring the use of lighting in the studio. Under consideration are the concepts of continuous and strobe lighting. Here you will take a look at the two styles and what benefits and problems they incur. You will see how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work with both types of systems. Then you will learn about light modifiers and how they can affect your shots. Also discussed are diffusers, strip boxes, reflectors, and honeycomb grids.

Part 2: Gear for Studio Photography – 3:25:02 –

  • Part 2: Gear for Studio Photography – 215:02 –

    Now looks at the different kinds of cameras and lenses for use with product photography.  Alex begins by discussing four types of cameras – point and shoot, 35mm DSLR, medium format, and large format.  To varying degrees of usefulness, each one of these can be used for creating product shots for your portfolio and you will understand the benefits and limitations of each. Next you will learn about lenses which include macro, super macro, general use, and tilt-shift lenses as well as the benefits of each of these.

  • Studio Grip and Support: - 56:19 –

    Looks at tripods and what to look for when choosing the proper support for your camera. You will also learn about the types of heads for your tripod as well as working with focusing rails. Finally you will look at grips for holding lights and modifiers. Here you will find a wide range of equipment that is available if you should need it.

  • Lighting Equipment and Light Modifiers: - 56:26 –

    This section delves more deeply into lighting and light modifiers. Here the topics will include continuous lighting, screw-in strobes, speedlites, monolights, and power packs. Then Alex goes over the various methods to control the firing of the lights and how they work. Next he turns to the various modifiers that are the most important things in product photography and these include strip boxes, cones, diffusers, honeycomb grids, barn doors, gels, and more.

  • Questions and Answers Video Session: - 39:33 -

    Is a series of three videos that will answer questions from live video sessions.  Here he talks about mini-booms, shooting tables, working with diffusers, lenses, beauty dishes, speedlites, and more.

  • Bonus: List of Gear for Studio Photographers: - PDF –

    That contains listing of the gear that was talked about during this lesson.

Part 3: White Subject on White Background – 60:26 –

  • Catalog Photography: Shooting Products on a Complete White Background: - 50:02 –

    Starts off by explaining why you may want/need to shoot on a white background and describing what constitutes a true white background. One of the concepts that you will learn about in this lesson is how to separate the background from the object. Here you begin with shooting a near white bottle on a white table with a white background. Then you will look at photographing a dark camera with a glossy surface with lots of reflections. Here you will see what kind of problems you can encounter when working with a subject like this. Finally, Alex works with a white and silver microphone to show you how to work with this challenging subject.

  • Bonus: How to Get a White Background In-Camera with In-Studio Product Photography: - 10:24 –

    This section looks at shooting on a shooting table. A couple different methods. The techniques here are more geared toward the photographer who is creating for Web-placement and catalog work.

  • Shooting Glassware on White Background: High-Key in Product Photography: - written tutorial –

    This describes using words and pictures how to shoot a martini glass and a clear bottle of vodka on a white background.

Part 4: Textured Subject – 92:36 –

  • Working with Textured Subjects in a Studio: Shoes: - 37:22 –

    In this lecture you will look at working with textured shoes as your subject. The composition is a dark shoe with bright white areas as well as shiny, almost semi-glossy aspects to it as well. Here you will see how best to use your lighting to bring out the texture while still enhancing the more glossy areas.

  • Common Mistakes: Critique and Review (Shoes Shot): - 55:14 –

    This segment is a video review based on an assignment where Photigy members where challenged to create their own shots of textured shoes. Alex shares his thoughts and comments on what was done correctly and where improvements could be made. Here are a lot of different examples different types of shoes and is highly valuable for examining real-world situations.

Part 5: Clear Glass – 173:41 –

  • Part 5: Clear Glass – 173:41 –

    By its very nature shooting clear glass is very tricky because not only is it reflective, but it is transparent, and when filled with a liquid, can be refractive as well. This segment is an overview of the kind of shots that you may want to try using clear glass.

  • Clear Glass on a Black Background: - 49:11 –

    When working with clear glass, you must start by cleaning the subjects. Once clean, you can set up your subject on a black table with the black background. In this lesson you will see how to set up rim lights and some other tricks when working with limited light sources. Here you will navigate how to properly light clear glass when working with a black background.

  • Clear Glass on a White Background: - 40:32 –

    Now that you have completed working with a black background, you will now see how to work with the same subjects on a white background. The goal is to make sure that you define the edges of the glass which provides for image recognition. You will see how to diagnose problems and make adjustments in an effort to create a clean image.

  • How to Photograph Glassware on a Black Background: - Written Tutorial –

    on how to shoot a bottle of vodka and martini glass, this time on a black background.

  • Common Mistakes in Glass Photography: Critique and Review - 80:46 -

    This segment is a video review based on an assignment where Photigy members where challenged to create their own shots of clear glass on both white and black backgrounds. Again, Alex shares his thoughts and comments on what was done correctly and where improvements could be made. Here are examples of clear glass compositions and is will show what others have tried providing real-world situations.

Part 6: Dark Glass: Bottle of Wine – 48:00 –

  • Part 6: Dark Glass: Bottle of Wine – 48:00 –

    Introduces the concept of shooting a bottle of wine. This is a dark bottle with a lot of reflections. The goal is to show you what problems that you will find when you see many shots online and how to fix them to create a more professional look.

  • Bottle of Wine on a White Background: - 44:44 –

    This starts off by showing how many wine bottles are shot incorrectly – with soft boxes on each side leaving large ugly white reflections on the bottles. From there you will learn how to work with a cylindrical bottle and how to work with the reflections that it can cause. Most of all you will learn how to define the bottle without leaving large ugly reflections.

  • Bottle of Wine on a Black Background: - 11:02 -

    Now looks at the same bottle of wine, but this time on a white background. Here you will see some of the differences between shooting black background and the white. You will also learn about how different lenses will affect the area that you shoot.

  • Classic Look of a Bottle of Wine: - 12:12 -

    Now shoots the wine bottle in a way that is more similar to what you might see on line – a more classic look, or more common look. It is shot on a white background with separation from the bottle. Here you will see how to create a gradient on the bottle without having the soft box reflected on the bottle.

  • Common Mistakes: Critique and Review (Wine Bottle): - 30:13 -

    This segment is a video review based on an assignment where Photigy members where challenged to create their own shots of dark wine bottle on both white and black backgrounds. Again, Alex shares his thoughts and comments on what was done correctly and where improvements could be made. Here are a lot of different examples of clear glass compositions and is highly valuable for examining real-world situations.

Part 7: Q&A and Critique/Review Online Sesssions

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.11.31 PM
  • Q&A On Air Review Sessions With the Instructor

    Each month Photigy instructor answers your questions and review submitted images online, in realtime On Air Webinar. This is the time when you can talk to your instructor and receive a personal feedback on your shots. Recorded vides are added to the course curriculum.

Once again, this is the type of course that is meant to be worked with. That is, you can only learn so much by watching what Alex does. It is best to watch one of the segments and then try to recreate the look.

When you have recreated the look, then try to change it up and make it different. Most of all make mistakes and try to correct them.

That is the main purpose of these exercises – to show you how to diagnose and correct problems when they happen. No matter what level of skill you obtain, there will always be things that come up and the better prepared you are to overcome those problems, the better product photographer you will be perceived as.

You will learn how these images were photographed 


  What students are saying about Alex Koloskov courses:


Oh my, so much to learn! Alex, your passion for photography is contagious. Your work speaks for itself – you are a master. But, thankfully, you are also an excellent teacher. And not only do you explain the process, the technical aspects of photography, but you provide encouragement, inspiration and a challenge to be creatively curious. Great job Alex!
~Cynthia Orie

The course was very well prepared and easy to understand. The chat during the course was a great feature too. It helped a lot to clarify open questions immediately. As a “one-man” instructor Alex did a great job to handle all the technical procedure. And last but not least, I had fun and learned a lot.
~Holger Wagner

Thanks a billion for the awesome Equipment class! It was so informative, inspirational. exciting, and interesting to learn all kinds of tools studio photographers should use to make our work easier and more productive. We were so fortunate to have the lighting magician be our class instructor and answering all our questions! Again, Thank you so much!
~Joel Weinstock

Just finished watching these and I have to say they’re great. Besides the major gear like camera/lens/lights, its the little things like which arms,clamps and styles of diffusion material such as the Translum and pieces of styrofoam that really make the difference. For those (like myself) just getting into studio product photography, that information is absolutely priceless and I’m sure these videos will save everyone a lot of time and expense. There’s so much expensive ‘quick fix’ junk on the internet and its really refreshing to see someone who’s already been there and done it cut straight to the good stuff.
~Paul Whittingham

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  • When I have a question or troubles getting a shot, can I ask the instructor for a help?

    – Yes! As a course student, you will be a part of a private group and forum, where you can ask instructor any question and/or post your results for the review. We encourage you to participate in this group!

Course Curriculum

Basics of Studio Lighting
How to use lighting and light modifiers in studio product photography 00:35:00
Gear for Studio Photograhy
Camera and Lenses (part1) 00:59:00
Studio Grip and Support (part2) 00:56:00
Lighting Equipment and Light Modifiers (part 3) 00:52:00
Questions and Answers Video Session 00:40:00
White Subject on White Background
Catalog photography: How to bend plexiglass 00:06:00
Catalog photography: shooting products on a complete white background 00:50:00
Bonus: How to get a white background in-camera with in-studio product photography 00:10:00
Shooting glassware on white background: high-key in product photography 00:20:00
Textured Subject
Working with Textured Subjects in a Studio: Shoes 00:38:00
Common Mistakes: Critique and Review (shoes shot) 00:55:00
Clear Glass
Working with Glass in Studio: Introduction 00:03:00
Clear Glass on a Black Background 00:03:00
Clear Glass on a White Background 00:40:00
How to photograph glassware on a black background 00:10:00
Common Mistakes in Glass Photography: Critique and Review 00:59:00
Dark Glass: Bottle of wine
Bottle Of Wine: Introduction FREE 00:03:00
Bottle Of Wine on a White Background 00:45:00
Bottle Of Wine on a Black Background 00:11:00
Classic Look of Wine Bottle 00:12:00
Common Mistakes: Critique and Review (wine bottle) 00:30:00

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  1. Profile photo of RMPhoto

    Studio Product Photography Essentials


    Great class with a lot of practical information that is easy and quick to put to use. It has expanded my knowledge of lighting for products and through your lessons learned has sped up my learning curve to make it easier and quicker for me to do the work without difficulty. Thank you for putting on this course!

  2. Profile photo of Yaroslav Luk'yanchenko



    Really huge amount of knowledges for beginners. You should go for this stuff if you want to know almost all basics on products shots: gear, lighting setups and etc.
    Highly recommended

  3. Profile photo of Jorge

    Very good courses


    I’ve tried some other online photography courses and these ones at Photigy are for me simply the best!

  4. Profile photo of Frankie

    Great Course


    Reminded me of things I had forgotten and pushed me in areas I needed to grow! Great job, Alex!

  5. Profile photo of Damien

    Studio Product Photography Essentials (catalog work)


    Nice course! Alex did a great job. Easy to understand, direct to the point instructions. If your starting out in product photography this is a must.

  6. Profile photo of JOHN D.

    Studio Product Photography Essentials (catalog work)


    Alex you are a great teacher! I appreciate the details you put into the course. I will be referring back to the course during my future product photography work from time to time. Thanks for sharing all your information. Many Thanks,

  7. Profile photo of José Fangueiro

    Great course!


    Great course! I learned a lot! Thank you Alex

  8. Profile photo of Pedro GdB

    Really good course. Loved it!


    The course contains plenty of extremely valuable information for everyone looking to improve their skills. Direct to the point, showing exactly how a pro achieves those amazing shots. You even get extra tips outside the scope of the course (thanks Alex!!).

  9. Profile photo of Piotr

    Great course!


    Great course! I’m very happy I bought it, learned a lot from it!

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