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Start making money as architectural photographer today! There are thousands real estate brokers in your area that need batter photos of properties they sell. You can help them offering your photography. Learn interior photography from one of the best professionals in industry!

alexander-chaptykovAfter this course you will not only learn basic and advanced techniques of interior photos hooting, but also will know how to apply them appropriately.

You will get a first-hand view of photography theory and main artistic techniques to show the 3rd dimension on a two dimensional surface. You will learn how to make an interior ready for a photo session.

You will understand how to work with natural and artificial light in an interior to produce excellent images.

You will master a complicated technology of professional photo processing.
I am happy to share my years of experience and all the information I gathered from different sources in a significant period of time with you.

Now when that information is collected, structured and supported by illustrative materials, the learning process takes much less time and it is easy to learn.

Together we will master all the stages from the preparation for the interior photo shooting to the final press “Save” in Photoshop to create fascinating interior images.

About the course

Images from the course

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Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time:  4+ hours

Level: Intermediate to Professional

  • Introduction - 1:32

    Problem formulation in photography.

  • Linear perspective - 4:55

    The linear perspective illustrated by paintings of great artists.

    Methods used to depict the linear perspective. Linear perspective in photography.

    Technical skills to use the linear perspective effect.

  • Volume - 5:27

    Importance of creating sense of volume on a plane surface.

    Sense of volume in photography. Methods to create the sense of volume in an image.

  • Foreground, middleground and background - 5:35

    What are they? An analysis of paintings and photos. Why is it important to divide a picture into sections?

    How to use these clues when shooting.

  • Staffazh and bokeh - 5:06

    What are staffazh and bokeh and how to use them?

    When can we use these techniques? What lenses are suitable for creating bokeh?

  • Tonal perspective - 3:20

    Tonal perspective illustrated by paintings of great artists.

    Methods to create tonal perspective in photography.

    Techniques of using tonal perspective.

  • Equipment and Lenses - Part 1 - 5:33

    Review of lenses for interior photo shooting.

    Which lens are the best to choose?

    Pros and cons of lenses.

  • Equipment and Lenses - Part 2 -11: 53

    Light Modifiers, stands and accessories.

    A detailed analysis of features and prices.

  • Camera settings - 2: 48

    How do I set the camera for photo shooting? Aperture, exposure time, ISO.

    How to set up the camera before shooting.

    Practice shooting

  • Photo shooting (6 photos) - 57:36


    Choosing camera angle. Determining the direction of light.

    Preparing the interior. How to make furniture ready for a photo session?

    Techniques to play with the perspective.

    Interior Decoration.

    Determining problem areas of the interior. Areas to emphasize. Techniques to light up the problem areas.

    Standard lighting schemes. Choosing the light modifiers. Hard and soft light.


    Working with artificial and natural light.

    Image processing.

  • Processing an image of the living room- 1:03:06

    Image processing with Capture one and Photoshop.

    All procession stages from Capture one to Photoshop.

    Working with layers, masks, blend modes. All steps up to the final – press “Save”.

    interiour photography post-production

  • Processing an image of the junior suite- 47:26

  • Processing an image of the office - 1:03:00

    interiour photography post-production

Before and After a Post-Production

images from the course

For your inspiration – work of Alexander Chaptykov

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Course Curriculum

Interior Photography for professionals – Introduction 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Linear perspective 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Volume 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Foreground, middleground and background 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Staffazh and bokeh 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Tonal perspective 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Equipment and Lenses – Part 1 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Equipment and Lenses – Part 2 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Camera settings 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Photo shooting (6 photos) 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Processing an image of the living room 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Processing an image of the junior suite 00:00:00
Interior Photography for professionals – Processing an image of the Office 00:00:00

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  1. Profile photo of Isa Aydin

    The worst ever experience.. - stay away


    I am product and architectural photographer who is trying to continuously update his knowledge. I am regular on Photigy and I was always satisfied with Alex’s online courses. But this video is a different story. I can’t explain you, how terrible this video was. It took me 5 times to force myself to watch it and every time I was felling asleep. Because it is terribly boring and slow. I speak English and Russian. I downloaded Russian version hoping that maybe translation was bad. But original Russian voice is even worse.

    Now the main part. This guy is not a good architectural photographer either, he has significant problems with distortion on all of his photos. No good techniques are used, gear is very cheap and he can not use it in a good way as well.

    Long story short – extremely disappointed.

    Wouldn’t expect something like this to be on Photigy.

    Alex – I respect you, I am fan of all your videos.. you are doing great job with product photography and I learnt a lot from your videos. But this video should not be here.

    Complete waste of time and money.

    Sorry for emotions – I am very angry.

  2. Profile photo of Andrey Korobkov

    I certainly recommend!


    Alexander’s course provided answers for the most complicated issues I had. From camera settings to images processing. This course is useful both for beginners and professionals due to so many clues provided. Beginners get an overall view and understanding of interior photography. And professionals master many helpful techniques to obtain great results. I certainly recommend the course!

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