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This course is for beginners as well as for those who are already familiar with product photography and want to master their skills. You will learn how to take beautiful product pictures and master essential techniques that you will need as a studio photographer.

Everything you need to know to start in commercial studio product photography

Instructor: Alex Koloskov & Genia Larionova

Kick-In Product Photography Course for Beginners is a free course that will teach you the basics of product photography.

The course is consists of three parts:

  • The first part describes all of the gear that you will need to successfully photograph products. This doesn’t mean expensive high-end equipment, but rather the essential items you’ll need to take quality images that you can use to build a portfolio.
  • Part two takes you to the studio and teaches how to use professional equipment.
  • Part three shows how to finish a product shot in Adobe Photoshop.

You will learn how these images were created:

Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: 3hr 36min 

Level: Beginner

Part 1: Gear for Studio Product Photography: – 1hr : 16min

  • Cameras: - 17min

    We’ll discuss the type of camera needed for product photography. While many modern cameras can be used, here you will find the minimum requirements that are needed to be able to control the look of your images.

  • Lenses: - 10min

    Lenses are much more important than features of the camera and here you will learn what to look for in your lenses to take great shots.

  • Studio Lighting: - 24min

    Light is what illuminates your image and bring out the best in the product. We’ll teach you different ways to light your subject.



  • Studio Light Modifiers: - 16min

    Light modifiers is the most important part of product photography because this is what you use to paint the light on your subject and bring out the details that make your image pop.

  • The Conclusion: - 12min

    We’ll summarize what you have learned in this course.

  • Bonus: List of Gear for a Studio Photographer: - PDF file

    We provide you with a gear list to use when selecting new equipment.

Part 2: Practical Work in the Studio: – 1hr : 24min

  • Behind the Scene of a Product Shot: - 56min

    This lesson walks you through the shooting of a glass of ice tea. We’ll teach you the basics of building a lighting set up for creating a high-quality product shot.



  • Tricks and Tips: How to Create a Gradient Reflection with a Large Softbox: - 14min

    Learn at how to create gradient reflections – transitions between dark and light areas that can really make your images pop.

  • DYI LED Lighting for Studio Photography: What You Can Do with $30 LED Bulbs: - 11min

    Now we’ll show how to use low-cost LED bulbs to create quality product shots. These can be used when you are just starting in product photography and have a tight budget. You will also learn how to set up and control the power of LED lights when using them to shoot a vase of flowers.



  • DYI LED Lighting Chrome Kitchenware Shot: - 4min

    We’ll be using LED lighting for shooting a tea kettle which can be quite challenging because of all the reflective surfaces.

  • DYI LED Lighting in Jewelry Photography: - 10min

    We’ll close this topic with a shot of a jewelry bracelet using LED lighting.



Part 3: Post- Production – with Genia Larionova: – 47min

  • Post-Production: – 47min

    We’ll walk you through the post-production process. Here you will see the cleanup work on the ice tea shot from start to finish.



In Kick-In Product Photography Course for Beginners, you will learn the basic skills for product photography that you can take with you for free. You will also learn valuable lessons that you can use if you choose to continue your education at Photigy.com.

You will understand how light interacts with a product and how you can manipulate that light, so it successfully highlights your product. Best of all, at the end of the course, you will have a new portfolio piece that you can proudly demonstrate to your clients.

Course Curriculum

Part 1: Gear for Studio Product Photography
Cameras FREE 00:17:00
Lenses FREE 00:10:00
Studio Lighting FREE 00:23:00
Studio Light Modifiers FREE 00:15:00
The Conclusion FREE 00:11:00
Practical Work in a Studio
Behind the Scene of a Product Shot FREE 00:56:00
Tricks and Tips: How to create a gradient reflection with large softbox FREE 00:14:00
DIY LED Lighting for Studio Photography: What you can do with $30 LED bulbs FREE 00:11:00
DIY LED lighting: Chrome kitchenware shot FREE 00:04:00
DIY LED Lighting in Jewelry Photography FREE 00:09:00
Post-Production (Retouching) in Adobe Photoshop FREE 00:46:00
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