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Amazing iPhone Photography: learn how to take professional still life and product, jewelry images with iPhone on this course from Alex Koloskov

This iPhone photography course is aimed at showing you how you can get professional looking commercial photographs using just a smart phone and a handful of do-it-yourself items. You will not need a lot of fancy equipment or other expensive items to take professionally looking photos of your craft, merchandise or just for fun!

While Alex – the instructor, uses an Apple iPhone, just about any smart phone with a reasonable quality camera will do. In this course you will learn about all of the things that you will need to let you begin to create professional looking images quickly and easily with your smart phone.

This course is perfect for those who want to sell merchandise online: on eBay or Etsy and want to increase their sales by having professional looking images to make their listing pop. 

This iPhone Photography course is for you, if you:

  • Have a modern smartphone with a good built-in camera, iPhone 6 (and 6+) is preferable.
  • Do not have (or have very little) photographic experience and do not have a budget to hire a professional photographer to take photos for you.
  • Prefer not to use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, and want to prepare images for online placement in your iPhone or tablet.
  • Ready to spend $20 and 1 hour of your time to build a studio gig for your photography with iPhone.

About the Course

What is needed for this iPhone course:

645 PRO Mk III

645 PRO Mk III iPhone application ($3.99)

(camera app) by Michael Hardaker

Photogene ⁴

Photogene ⁴ iPhone and iPad application ($2.99)

(photo editing) by Omer Shoor

Foam Core boards (from $6.99)

to build a shooting rig

Shop and Michael’s
Shop at Offecedepot 

$64.00Read more

Photos from this course created with iPhone

Videos from this course created with iPhone

Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: Over 3.5 hours

Level:  Beginner 

  • Course Introduction - 4:15

    Alex explains the basis of this course. That is, how to take professional looking product photography images with just your iPhone (or any smart Phone) and just a little bit of ingenuity.


  • Lighting Theory – 12:26

    Begins with a little bit of theory of lighting with regard to iPhone photography. The key to this is that if you understand light, you can modify the rig that you need to fit the specifics of your lighting situation.


  • Building Your Studio: Part 1 – 13:29

    Alex shows you how to build the simplest set up for shooting with the iPhone. This starts off by using a box that is cut to form an enclosure/shooting container that is painted white. Then he shows you how to create other items that you will need to shape the light. He also shows a couple of ways that he uses to mount the iPhone.

    Tabletop Photography with the iPhone

  • Building Your Studio: Part 2 – 12:17

    Continues the discussion and shows how to create an alternative to the camera mount that he showed you in the prior video.


  • Camera Applications for iPhone – 16:25

    This lesson examines using a smart phone camera and the issues that arise from using a camera phone for still-life photography and how to work with these limitations. These include the style of lens, how the camera compresses the JPEG, and that there no way of manually setting the exposure.

  • Practical Application: Pen – Part 1 – 11:58

    Now it’s time to apply what you have learned to start using the smart phone camera to take photos. Here you will see how to set up everything to begin taking product shots of small items – in this case a pen.

    Photography with iPhone course example

  • Practical Application: Pen – Part 2 – 7:41

    Continues with shooting of the pen. Now you will see how to how to refine the shot to get a better image.

  • Practical Application: Bracelet – 5:04

    Next you will see how to shoot a bracelet. Here you will see how to make adjustment for things like crystals that are attached to the metal of the piece of jewelry. Discussions also include on why you should not use the zoom on the camera and how to balance the light and dark areas of the image.

    Photography with iPhone course example

  • Practical Application: Neckless – 3:52

    This time you will shoot a neckless on a red background. Now you will learn how to shoot something with texture. This requires a difference in lighting.

    Photography with iPhone course example

  • Practical Application: Pen and Pouch– 6:27

    To create this shot, you will see how to shoot using a top-down approach to shoot a pen with a carrying pouch.

  • Practical Application: Watch with crystals on white – 05:05

    In this lesson you will learn how to shoot glossy subject like this watch on a white background

  • Practical Application: Lipstick – 10:22

    In this lesson you will continue with the top-down approach, you will see how to shoot lipstick as well as cosmetic powder on a black background. While this is top-down, there are some angles introduced to ensure the best capture of the subject.

  • Practical Application: Hair Care Products – 9:23

    For this lesson, you will now move to taking side shots. For this lesson you will see how to shoot hair care products.

    Photography with iPhone course example

  • Practical Application: Complex Jewelry – 11:39

    Here you will see how to create a much more creative shot. For this lesson you will see how to do more than a simple setup. This shot is a propped shot using elements other than just the basic background that you have used up until this point.

    Photography with iPhone course example


  • Practical Application: Wine – Part 1 – 10:53

    This lesson will take your smart phone techniques to the next level. This requires more setup as well as more space to get the shot. Here Alex explains how to shoot a glass of wine along with a wine bottle and some artificial grapes as the setup.

    Photography with iPhone course example

  • Practical Application: Wine – Part 2 – 7:15

    Here, Alex continues to shoot the setup prepared in the last video as well as adds a bonus part of shooting a bottle of red wine as well.


    Photography with iPhone course wine bottle

  • Post-Production: Setup and Pen – 9:49

    – Now comes the time for working on your images to make them the best that they can be. For this Alex is using the iPad mini. Here he will use Photogene 4 to edit the photos. First he uses PhotoSync to transfer the images from the phone to the tablet. Once everything is setup, he begins by working on the first pen that was shot.


  • Lesson 17: Post-Production: Horse Head Pendent – 5:58

    Next you will work on a horse head pendent. You will see how to make adjustments and clean up the stones on the subject as well as replacing a missing stone.

  • Post-Production: Watch and Chain – 2:00

    Here you will work with a watch on a chain that is set on a complex background.

  • Post-Production: Silver Bracelet – 4:21

    Now you will see how to work with a glossy silver bracelet that has gemstones on the face.

  • Post-Production: Hair Care & Tea Box – 4:09

    In this lesson you will see how to perform post production on the hair care products as well as an English Tea box.

  • Post-Production: Dark Colored Watch – 4:40

    For this lesson you will see how to work with a dark colored wrist watch.

  • Post-Production: Lipstick – 6:11

    Here you will see how to work with a mostly black subject on a black background.

  • Bonus: Video 1 – Hi-Speed Photography – 27:10

    This is a behind-the-scenes video with some additional setups. Here you will see how to shoot a splash based image using an iPhone and an Apple head phone set with a sound switch as a remote trigger.

    Hight Speed Photography with iPhone course example

  • Bonus: Video 2 – Hi-Speed Video – 8:29

    In this lesson you will learn how to capture stunning slow-motion videos with your iPhone

  • Creating the video from the iPhone – 5:35

    In this lesson you will see how to use iMovie to make a movie on a desktop Mac using the video that was shot in the prior lesson.

  • Downloads for Tabletop Photography with iPhone course

    All videos from this course is available for download. Every student will have unlimited access to training materials, as well as download and watch videos on TV, tablets and mobile devices while off-line.


  • Do I need to have any special gear like tripods or clamps to hold my phone, or lighting?

    – No, all you need is a few foam core boards and few other DIY pieces that listed on the description of the course

  • When I have a question or trouble getting a shot, can I ask the instructor for help?

    – Yes! As a course student, you will be a part of a private group and forum, where you can ask the instructor any question and/or post your results for review. We encourage you to participate in this group!

$64.00Read more

Course Curriculum

Introduction to iPhone Photography FREE 00:00:00
Lighting theory and DIY
Lighting Theory for a white background 00:00:00
Building Your Studio: Part 1 00:00:00
Building Your Studio: Part 2 00:00:00
Camera Applications for iPhone 00:00:00
Photography Practice
Practical Application: Pen – Part 1 00:00:00
Practical Application: Pen – Part 2 00:00:00
Practical Application: Bracelet 00:00:00
Practical Application: Neckless 00:00:00
Practical Application: Pen and Pouch 00:00:00
Practical Application: Watch on White Background 00:00:00
Practical Application: Lipstick on black 00:00:00
Practical Application: Hair Care Products 00:00:00
Practical Application: Complex Jewelry 00:00:00
Practical Application: Wine – Part 1 00:00:00
Practical Application: Wine – Part 2 00:00:00
Post-Production with iPad
Post-Production: Setup and Pen 00:00:00
Post-Production: Horse Head Pendent (jewelry) 00:00:00
Post-Production: Watch and Chain 00:00:00
Post-Production: Silver Bracelet 00:00:00
Post-Production: Hair Care & Tea Box 00:00:00
Post-Production: Dark Colored Watch 00:00:00
Post-Production: Lipstick 00:00:00
Bonus 1 – Hi-Speed Photography with iPhone 00:00:00
Bonus 2 – Slow Motion Video with iPhone 00:00:00
Making slow motion video from iPhone 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Good course, very well put together


    This was a very good course. I like his approach of simplicity. Most of the other videos and course I have seen like this want to buy equipment but Alex shows you how to accomplish what you need on an extremely minimal budget. I think the only thing he could have done different is to have used house hold items more and show how to work with the issues you would encounter with them. Example: He uses professional plastic/dampening screens instead of using a curtain or bed sheet.

    • Thank you Benjamin! Yeah, using a curtain would be even better demonstration of the technique. However, I really suggest to get that savage plastic I was using for the DIY diffusers: the roll cost about $50 and will last for many years for any needs in a course and IMPRO photo studio

  2. Great stuff !


    I got much more than I expected. Thank you Alex.

    My initial purpose to buy this course was to learn some more tiny hints towards my ‘normal’ studio-photography, which – in fact – I got.
    I also got some more and better (general) understanding about light, light behavior and setting light to my requirements with very easy to build (and may be also non-expensive) gear.
    Alex has got the education (mechanical engineer) and skill to bring (physical) matters frankly to the point and make me easily and immediately and sustainably understanding and remembering those essentials.
    This course contains a lot of valuable information for iPhone photography, apps to give it a DSLR-like use, look and feel, and also a “Raw”-quality of the resulting photos. It also features slow motion videos with iPhone (in the bonus part), which my DSLRs cannot do ( :-o ) !!
    Thank you so much, Alex.

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