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Advertising Liquid and Splash:

Perfume Photography Workshop

 Advertising Liquid and Splash: Perfume Photography Workshop

Photigy Online Workshop: Perfume Bottle with Liquid Splash


This is a Perfume Bottle with Liquid Splash photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, the workshop

Perfume Bottle with Liquid, is an online workshop aimed at professional product photographers who want to enhance their skills and learn how to add value to their product work through the use of liquid splash techniques.

In this workshop, instructor Alex Koloskov will take you through step-by-step instructions on how to create the shot on the left. You will start with the set up and go through the photographic techniques used to create the splashes and work all the way through the post production to create an image that you will be proud to display in your portfolio or hand over to a client.

This course is divided into two main areas – the first is the workshop that was done in the studio. This was originally shot as a live two + hour workshop where Alex went through each step in creating the image.

First the bottle was shot by itself to create the base image. Then the bottle was repositioned and shot to capture the splashes hitting the bottle. Finally, independent splashes were captured to be added during post production.

The second part of this workshop is the post production where you will learn how to put it all together using Adobe Photoshop to combine the base image, integrate the bottle splash, and then the independent splashes.

You will also learn how to color correct for each of the variations and finish up by cleaning everything up to make it production ready.

Advertising Liquid and Splash

Introduction and Goals of the Workshop

Setting Up The Shot

DYI Light Modifiers to Enhance Your Shot

Perfume Bottle Splash Setup

Perfume Bottle Splash Capture

Capturing Splash Independant of the Bottle

Conclusion and Questions and Answers


Post Production

Evaluating the Photoset and Initial Processing

Clean Up

Finalizing the Composite



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