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Creative Levitation & High-Speed

Food Photography

Creative Food Levitation & High- Speed Photography 

In this food tutorial, students will learn how to:

▸ Compose and style levitation food
▸ How to build the elements of a levitation scene that looks eye-catching and pleasing to the viewers.
▸ You will learn how to create tabletop photography that represents levitation
▸ We will include speed photography and you will know how to create a splash too
▸ How to light up your whole scene correctly just with budget speed lights and to be suitable for speed photography (splash photography) too
▸ You will learn how to build, shoot and retouch high-end levitation and splash photography in a creative way.

This tutorial is suitable for medium-level and advanced photographers. Basic knowledge of speed photography is good to have but if you would like to learn levitation product photography on a tabletop you can still take advantage of the techniques. We include a retouching part of the tutorial where students can learn how to build up their final scene from multiple images in Photoshop, we will give a lot of useful tips and advice that you can use in other private photography projects, a lot of Photoshop non-popular tricks and some very useful shortcuts. Also, our students will learn how to enhance their levitation projects in Camera Raw which comes at the end as a final touch and makes the whole image come to life, distinctive, and completed.

Your instructor for this tutorial is Diana Boneva.

In Studio – Shooting

Post-Production, Part 1

Post-Production, Part 2

Final Images 

Before-After the post-production

dyson_vacum_cleaner_advertising AFTER
dyson_vacum_cleaner_advertising BEFORE

Diana Boneva

About instructor:

Hi, I’m Diana, a product photographer based in Bulgaria.

I’m helping brands from all over Europe to visually represent themselves on the market and to increase their sales.

What makes my service stand out from my competitors?

I specialise and work only in the field of product photography. This includes a strong knowledge in the creativeness and styling. All of those is a must nowadays for digital and physical advertising, presentations, catalogs and so on.

I work quickly and efficiently. It’s important for me to give my customers a service they can rely on both- artistically and professionally.

Check out more of her creative photos and follow her on social media:
Photigy: Featured Success Story.



Facebook :  @pixelfixpro

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