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Multi-Layer Composing In Jewelry Photography

Pro Club Workshop #91

Multi-Layer Composing In Jewelry Photography,
Pro Club Workshop

This is a jewelry photography tutorial for the Professional Interactive Education Program, Workshop #91

In this workshop, students will learn how to use creative lighting techniques to create an eye-catching image without spending too much time setting up a perfect light for each element of the composition.

For example – sharp and contrast light works great for the sand we used as a background for this image but has a devastating effect on tiger eye gemstone and polished metal.  In this workshop, we’ll show you how to shoot each element of the composition with perfect light and then combine all images into a dynamic and eye-catching final photo.

This workshop will be great for photographers with a good experience in jewelry shooting, as well as beginners. Retouchers will also find plenty of great information here, we have over 2 hours of post-production in Adobe Photoshop included in this workshop.

Your instructors for this workshop are Alex Koloskov and Anna Kevorkian

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Deadline for homework submission: June 19, 2022

The date of the live review: TBD  | 1pm PST

Meet your instructors

Alex Koloskov

Alex is one of the worlds best commercial advertising photographers, co-founder, and teacher at

He is also the man behind Photigy’s most popular courses and tireless idea generator

Anna Kevorkian

Art director, photographer in Visual Concept Solutions.

She believes in intelligent creativity. The success of a project must be predictable because there is always a way to calculate the route to the desired outcome.

In-Studio Photography Tutorial

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 1

Part 1: Lightroom Job

Picking the images for further compositing, setting white balance, color, exposure, and contrast adjustments

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 2

Part 2: Layering, Background Fixes

Stacking all the chosen images. Working on background: merging, texture works, smoothing the surfaces.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 3

Part 3: Silver Parts Layering

Masking, compositing, and edge refinements of the metallic parts.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 4

Part 4: Silver Parts Retouch

Cleaning the metal from scratches, dust, and other imperfections.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 5

Part 5: Cat-Eye Stones

Combining layers together using the blending function. Cleaning and reflections retouch with frequency separation technique.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 6

Part 6: Pave Works

Compositing a layer with the little zircons, color, contrast, and texture adjustments.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 7

Part 7: Final Tweaks

Cleaning up the edges, removing little flaws from the background, and final crop.

Final Image


Before-After the post-production

dyson_vacum_cleaner_advertising AFTER
dyson_vacum_cleaner_advertising BEFORE

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