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Vadim Chiline

Commercial Luxury Product Photographer


About Vadim Chiline

Commercial Luxury Product Photographer

I’ve mixed it up over the years – having studied various fields from Cell Biology, to Computer Science; I’ve always been involved with art and photography but had a technical side which helps me today manage my studio. Having rarely taken the easy path in life, I believe obstacles present challenges to build on and promote quick learning. If I had to compare myself to a composer, I would choose Beethoven; things might not always come easily, and I believe my emotional nature comes through my photography with its dramatic counterpoint of light and dark images.

Today, after now 12 years as a luxury photographer, I work with great staff serving amazing clients around the world. In photography I love trying new things, always trying to improve my techniques – something can always be made better, more efficient – the product should always look its best.

If you need some powerful images, don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be a pleasure to speak with you by email or phone.
Read more here in the interview I did about my career as a luxury photographer

Portfolio: EpicMind Studio

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