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Best Photos From Photigy Community Photographers, Showcase #10

Best Photos From Our Photigy Community and the Thoughts that Inspired Them 


Issue: December 2015 – January 2016


Every couple of months we are publishing images from our Facebook Community to show off a great work of our talents and so it could serve as inspiration to others.

Below are some great photos that were shared with us within the last couple of months. We asked each photographer to tell a short story behind the shot. How the image was created. What inspired them to create this shot.

The answers you find will not only surprise you, but we hope they inspire you as well.


Thank You to all who participated and provided insights. Our Community continues to grow and prosper, because of these like minded photographers that are willing to share their processes, insights, and their work. 

Gavin Ferrie‎

Location: Bridgend, South Wales

About the image

The inspiration for the shot actually started with my wife forcing me to do it :)

Initially, i was going to give this assignment a miss, as it was coming close to Christmas, so my wife simply went out, bought the gingerbread house and man, came home and said, “Here, shoot something!”

I then came up with the concept of the gingerbread man, advancing towards the house, through the snow, in a menacing manner. Didn’t work out like that in the end, it’s impossible to make a smiling gingerbread man look “menacing” :)

The snow on the “ground” is just fake snow in a bag, and the falling snow is normal spray snow, both from a “Christmas shop”.

Lighting was simple, one strobe above subject, with standard reflector and grid to light the majority of the scene and give the shadows under the gingerbread man. A speed light, high up to camera left with snoot and grid, to lift the shadows on the left of the house and a second strobe (also with reflector and grid), down low to camera right, pointing slightly upwards, gave the background shadows.

Ian Knaggs‎

Website: www.ianknaggs.com
Location: Leicester, UK

About the image

After working on a number of portfolio images that concentrated on single objects (cosmetics) with relatively simple compositions, but refined lighting, I was looking to create a more dynamic and visually appealing image to help my portfolio stand out.

After a little experimentation of composition and product placement etc I was very keen on using this offset ‘v’ formation of lipsticks along with a wide angle lens to give a greater sense of perspective and drama.

The problem being that when trying to shoot multiple objects together it’s just not possible to light all the products together satisfactorily compared to lighting just one product. This is because one product tends to block the light from another etc. and this problem is even more apparent when photographing round objects.

I had nearly given up on the idea when I watched a recent Phlearn tutorial which used step & repeat transformations to create a repeating pattern for the background of a portrait (link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=psMiMmmNgIE ). I realised that I could use this technique to create the image that I had in my head by shooting a single lipstick and lighting as I wanted then duplicating this image multiple times using the step & repeat transformation.

Therefore, I set about shooting the single lipstick. The round lipstick body meant that I needed a large diffuser close to the subject to create a decent sized reflected gradient around the body. A strip box was angled along this diffuser to produce the gradient. This setup was repeated on the right side of the lipstick along with an addition gridded strobe at the back of the diffuser to create a crisper outline of the top of the lipstick. The lipstick was rotated very slightly until the reflection on the top of the lipstick included some of the gradient from the diffuser. Black plexiglass was used for the shooting surface.

With the shooting completed the image was given a basic edit in Lightroom and then moved into Photoshop for the remaining post-production work. The first job was to clean up all dust marks, scratches etc on the lipstick body. Then Curves layers with were used to increase contrast on the areas with gradients. Once all changes had been made to the individual lipstick a Stamp Visible layer was created and the lipstick cut out from the background. This was then duplicated and transformed using the step & repeat transformation to the right & once more to the left with a more aggressive transformation. The remaining work was to use a hue/saturation adjustment layer on each of the lipstick layers to adjust the colours to product the rainbow.

There were several comments on the Photigy Facebook page relating to the fact that the colours were not realistic. These were all fair comments if the intention of the image had been to replicate an actual range of lipstick. However, this image turned out very much like I saw it in my mind before shooting and I’m proud with creating a striking image.

João Guerreiro‎

Website: www.joaoguerreirophotography.com
Location: Lima, Perú

About the image

This composite was the cover of a Christmas decoration catalogue for a retail company.

The ad agency’s idea was to create a fantasy mood with a bright and positive feeling that would emphasize Christmas spirit. At the same time, the goal was to develop a new strategy by producing something different from previous years and different from what the company’s competitors usually display in these catalogues, for which it was decided not to sell specific products on the cover and to work on a more conceptual level.

After the brief and the meetings with the ad agency and the client, the first step was to search for providers who hand made all the items that we used for the shot.

The lighting was done separately, one shot for the christmas ball with diffused lighting, and another shot for the table and the gift box with harder lights on sharp angles to get the textures of the subject and to get the ribbon reflections and shadows as sharp as possible. The motion of the ribbon was achieved by using blu-tack and fishing lines.

The post-production work was designing and adding the effects on the background and blending the christmas tree from another shot on the ornament.

For this composite I used an Hasselblad H3D-39 with a 50-110mm f/3.5-4.5 HC lens and Bowens strobes.

Many thanks to Alex and all the Photigy team and members for all the inspiration!

Bob Wheaton‎

About the image

This image was shot for “Photography Assignment #27: Creative watch shot“.

Here you will find “Review and Critique” of that assignment (Pro Club membership is required)

Composite was the cover of a Christmas decoration catalogue for a retail company.

One thing about this assignment was working with glitter. I’m not a big fan! That stuff is tough to work with and gets everywhere…even if you’re careful!

Instead of a cone, I used a translucent photo box made by Interfit. You can find it here: www.adorama.com/PALPS. I got this at a “Garage Sale” for $9 at my local camera store in Nashville. It’s a little small but I think worked just as well as a cone would have. Plus it kept most of the glitter somewhat contained! I also recently picked up a used Arkay Camera Stand at the same store. It’s the first shoot I’ve done using a camera stand and it does make a world of difference and much easier positioning than with a tripod. It was rock solid for blending the 2 exposures.

You can see my set-up in the photos below. I used 2 exposures with a D810 and 105 Macro lens. One at 1/160 @ f5.6 ISO 64 and the other at 1/160 @ f/22 ISO 200.

Another great assignment.

Martin Behrsing‎

Location: Bonn, Germany

Here you will find “Review and Critique” of that assignment (Studio Basics or Pro Club membership is required)

Roman Sapronov

Website: www.facebook.com/SopranoPhotography

Anthony Melendez

About the image

This image was shot for “Assignment #29: Creative Coffee Shot

Here you will find “Review and Critique” of that assignment (Pro Club membership is required)

Rob Trudeau‎

Website: www.robtrudeauphotography.com

About the image

As a self taught photographer I’m always looking for photographers and web sites that inspire and drive my desire to learn. Before I found Photigy I would search on line for top photographers and try to deconstruct photos of theirs that I liked. The photo below is my version of a photo that commercial photographer Peter Belanger created. www.peterbelanger.com

Paul Williams‎

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK

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