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Cosmetic Brush with Powder


Cosmetics are very popular subject for any product photographer, and there is a great demand for cosmetic photography work out there. This is why we are going to practice in photographing cosmetic brush with a powder burst, inspired by images seen at www.KEATE.net

Below is the final image. The tutorial for this assignment were split for 3 parts: pre-shot, styling and composition build and the final shooting.

The Final Image


Assignment Video (Preview) 

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Video Tutorials for the assignment 

Part One: Pre-shoot and lighting setup build


Part Two: Styling and Propping the shot


Part Three: The final shooting


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The Assignment:

Using similar techniques create a concept and implement it into a product shot of a brush with powder. Deadline is 08/11/2014

Assignment Submission

Deadline 08/11/2014

Submit your image for the review and critique on the forum. Note: Pro Corner membership is required to participate in this assignment 

11 responses on "Cosmetic Brush with Powder"

  1. Hello Alex, I been in & out but did I miss your email on review of the brush shoot? Thanks Viva

  2. I got all the supplies but ran out of time to do this shoot. Will do so later and submit it. Too busy finishing some work for a client. I want to have the time to do this right instead of only half way.

  3. look hard and you using a make up power is that correct? Alex I’ll give this a try thanks.

  4. Hi Alex, it would be a good help for me if you give me a “like” at http://www.facebook.com/fotocorus, thanks

  5. I was thinking of purchasing “color run” powder or using tempera paint powder until I ran across this easy recipe for diy powder. I figure it’s worth a try.

  6. Very exciting challenge. What kind of powder would you suggest?

  7. Its a nice challenge I think, the most difficult is to make a good styling

  8. Mario -nope, you can do different colors

  9. Hi Alex, the base necessarily must be black?

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