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The course made from Alex Koloskov’s blog posts with behind the scenes from various fashion, portrait and fun shots

This course includes tutorials and behind the scene of various shots that Alex Koloskov has done in and out his studio in past 7 years. Each lesson was created at a different time and originally was posted on Alex’s blog. We brought them all together for you to learn.

People Photography

Course Curriculum

Studio Portraits on a white background 00:05:00
How to setup Studio Lighting for Halloween party – 2012 00:00:00
How To Setup Studio Photography Lighting for Halloween 2013 00:00:00
Kids fashion photography (summer collection) 00:00:00
Kids fashion photography: Whimsical Forest (fall collection) 00:00:00
Kids fashion photography (winter collection) 00:15:00
Photographing business portrait: the light and model 00:15:00
Catalog Photography BTS: uniform apparel shot 00:00:00
Studio lighting for fashion photography: Lighting setup and outcome 00:00:00
Fun With Color Gels
Using color gels on location: photo-shoot at medical labaratory 00:15:00
Portrait photography lighting with color gels 00:15:00
Fisheye lens: creative tool or a joke? How to shoot eye-catching portraits and lifestyle with it 00:00:00
Photographing against direct sun using on camera flash and more 00:00:00
Using speedlites on the trip to Maharaj: small piece of India in Atlanta, GA 00:00:00
Studio in your hands: portable lighting setup for event photography 00:00:00
Using 2 speedlites for outdoor portraits: an example photoset 00:10:00

Course Reviews


21 ratings
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  1. Excellent information


    very well explained the light schemes and the equipment that was used

  2. Tough to Review


    How to measure effectiveness of a course without a course objective? It is nice to go through to get some viewpoints on lighting options but not much else besides that. Broadening the scope to include some elements to composition in addition to lighting would be better in my view.

    • Shishir,
      Yes, absolutely agree with you.
      However, this course is not a “true course”, we made it from various and not linked together lessons, just for the easier way to have “all in one place”.
      Paid courses are different though, each made as a course with objectives, conclusion, etc.
      thank you!

  3. Good guide for starters


    It helps me to create more idea and adapt to other ceremonies/ parties (like wedding or graduation ceremony)

  4. Interesting


    Very useful and interesting.

  5. Very useful and enjoyable


    Very useful and enjoyable

  6. People Photography


    It was nice to see that one can get a little of everything in one place. My profession is in Studio Portrait Photography and have been one for years – I still enjoyed and learned from the People Photography Course. Thanks.

  7. first course at Photigy completed


    Interesting course, partly repetition of known stuff, but the part with gelled flashes was interesting. Today I have ordered some sets of gels for my next portrait session.

    So good, that I will follow the next courses.

  8. Very enjoyable.


    This is quite old now, but it shows the basics of this type very well.

  9. Interesting


    Really nice. With a few updates this would be even better.

  10. Great information


    I am truly rubbish at people photography, maybe that is why I don’t do it. You make this look so simple compared to product photography. I will have to go and try some of these ideas and see what happens. I may even get a photo of me that looks attractive….. but I doubt it… I only have a camera not a magic wand :)
    Thanks Alex

  11. Great couse


    Well presented and useful information in this course and use of somewhat unconventional lighting to achieve beautiful results.

  12. Thank youuuuuu :)


    great course.

  13. Wonderful course


    There was a great deal of information provided with excellent illustrations and BTS videos. I appreciated the lighting diagrams and the written commentary.

  14. Thx ;-)


    very interesting :-)

  15. Great material and looking to learn more


    I enjoyed this material, though I don’t have the majority of the equipment I do enjoy learning more about photography a various setups and the various lighting techniques. As a novice, I liked the outdoor section since that is the section I could most easily apply these techniques too.


  16. learned a lot


    amazing simple explaining of what I think is the most difficult part of shooting amazing images.

  17. Really a complete People Photography


    I consider my review rating with a 5 because this course includes near all situations to photograph people in studio and outdoors, also includes kids photography that it isn’t easy to do. I liked very much Alex explanations about the lighting setups and congratulate he and all the models that have worked in this course, thank you very much for all, really a valuable course to shot people in any condition. Mario

  18. People Photography put at simple!


    That´s one of the most objectives people photography courses I´ve ever had! I really enjoyed the speedlites setup!




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