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FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter Review

This is a review of FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter for Sony NEX camera and Canon lens.

I¬†have tested¬†FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter¬†for about 1 month, and below is my video review. You’ll see how it works with autofocus on both cameras: crop sensor Sony a6000 and full frame a7


  • Price. For $100¬†FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX is a great buy!

  • Build Quality. Metal, lightweight and tight on a lens

  • Tripod mount on the adapter – useful to balance small Sony cameras on ¬†large DSLR lenses


  • Glossy plastic inside creates flare at some¬†lighting conditions

    This is very strange: a simple matte coating for $2 will fix the issue Рwhy not to put it in place?

FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Glare Issue:

Same lens (Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS)  on Canon 6d w/o adapter and on Sony a& with adapter.
Direct light on a side. Move slider to the left and right.

Before is w/o adapter, after with fotodiox adapter. Look at the left side


Pictures of FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter 

FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter review

FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter

_DSC0523-Sonya600-test 1

Get FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter here:

Alternative to Autofocus adapter, Fotodiox with ND filter:


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.30.33 AM

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4 responses on "FotoDiox Pro EF-NEX Auto Lens Adapter Review"

  1. Could you explain or let me know HOW “a simple matte coating for $2 will fix the issue”?
    I am using Sony A7ii and Fotodiox adapter fro Canon lens and have same trouble of flare.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Greetings and salutations,

    Thank you for the review of this adapter. The metabones is cost prohibitive for the Sony A6000 because it cost more than the camera.

    I notice that you are test at short focal length and was wondering how well camera control holds up for longer focal length. With the lack long focal length lens for the Sony e-mounts I would suspect that there would be greater demand for adapting longer Canon mount lens … particularly some of the Tamron SuperZooms like the 16-300.

  3. Hi Alex. Have you tried this adapter with the Canon tilt-shift lenses? In particular, I am wondering how they work with the TS-E 17mm and TS-E 24mm II using shift functions. Reflections and vignetting are my primary concerns.

  4. Thanks for this review Alex! I’m considering getting an A7 or A7r but have a couple of Canon Ef-s lenses that I’d like to be able to use. It looks like this adapter should make that possible. How do you like the A7 compared to the Canon DSLR’s?

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