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When Passion Meets Profession: Sergey  Pryanechnikov, a Jewelry Photographer

Sergey Pryanechnikov was born in a family of a factory worker in Russia in the city of Vladimir February 25, 1959. He first became interested in photography in high school. After his service in the army (1977-1979), Sergey has worked as a photographer for local research and restoration center, department of culture and state historical and architectural museum and Vladimir Diocese for many years capturing icons, wall paintings, architecture, and all the church furnishings.

Sergey has also been doing portraiture and wedding photography, reportage, has worked with advertising agencies and publishers involved in the creative photo exhibitions. In 2001, Sergey was admitted to the Russian Union of Art Photographers.

Since 2001 Sergey has been exclusively doing jewelry photography shooting jewelry gems and watches.


Sergey  Pryanechnikov

Since 2007, he is the founder, CEO and owner of his own company. Sergey Pryanichnikov is one of the best and well known jewelry photographers in Russia.

‚ÄúEach image is an exclusive work with no exceptions‚ÄĚ – Sergey explains –
‚ÄúFor some shots it may take up to 2 days for just studio work and it may take up to 3 days for post production‚ÄĚ.

His talent, professionalism and attention to details are truly exceptional and set a new bar for creatively and quality in jewelry photography.

Below Sergey’s jewelry photography work¬†¬†– enjoy this beauty!

1599057_506733026125957_37 copy
10446076_512361915563068_1 copy
10338664_511128555686404_4 copy
10338527_499209053545021_6 copy
10265344_512230542242872_3 copy
476756_106673579465239_204 copy
464963_106673356131928_147 copy
413806_198829836916279_167 copy
331504_187655374700392_191 copy
219989_187655348033728_961 copy
10460590_511128535686406_3 copy
10454920_512218462244080_6 copy

Contact Information

You can find more jewelry photography from Sergey Pryanechnikov on his Facebook page and on Life Is Photo portfolio.

To contact him directly, use email  6x9psv @  gmail.com. Keep in mind that Sergey only speaks Russian. If you want to work with Sergey and need help with English-to-Russian communications with him, Photigy team may help you:-)

All images are copyrighted © 1998-2014 Sergey Pryanechnikov

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4 responses on "Jewelry Photography as The Art: Meet Sergey Pryanechnikov, a Jewelry Photographer"

  1. Well, the precision of this photography is wonderful. Lighting is very impacting and the crispness of the imaging enhances the beauty and quality of the subject matter.

  2. Absolutely stuuning work! Love it!

  3. Stunning work – I’m in awe, and that doesn’t happen very often……….enough said!

  4. Sergey is a real master at his craft

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