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Sony A7rII vs Phase One IQ160: The battle of the young vs the old

Sony A7rII vs Phase One IQ160: The battle of the young vs the old

Sony A7rII vs Phase One IQ160: The battle of the young vs the old.

In this quick review. Vadim Chiline, leading jewelry photographer of EpicMind Studio will be doing a head-to-head test of his time-tested high megapixel medium format camera, the Phase One IQ160 against the newcomer, Sony’s high megapixel king, the A7rII.

The Sony will be mounted with the latest Sony 90mm macro lens while the Phase One body will be combined with a manual focus Schneider-Kreuznach 120mm macro lens. See who wins this battle of kings! Available for download are the RAW files.

Sony A7RII VS PhaseOne IQ160

Full Image (cropped to match Sony’s smaller sensor)

Phase One IQ160

Sony A7RII

2x downsampled from 100% crop

Phase One IQ160

Sony A7RII

Download RAW files here (needs login)

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10 responses on "Sony A7rII vs Phase One IQ160: The battle of the young vs the old"

  1. This was a little confusing. At 7:04, the narration says, “Sony on the left.” By 8:00, the Phase One is on the left.

  2. Hey Vadim,

    Thank you for this Great video, is it possible to have a comparison between phaseOne, Sony and Canon 5DS or DS-R


    • Hey Nader,

      I’m trying to contact some of my sources to do the following, based on who can lend me the gear:

      Phase One IQ350, the latest generation MF sensor
      Sony A7rII
      Canon 5Ds or 5Dsr (though from a few online reviews, and first hand discussions, many don’t see much of a difference between the two).
      Nikon D810

      Lenses would probably be the native ones that are brand specific. I can’t test every combination, every permutation sadly. Don’t have time, or the people who can get me those items either.

      Thanks again for watching and replying.


  3. Hello thank you, I found it awesome great work, but I would suggest that you use a remote shutter release for both as at the level your looking at any and I mean any movement would effect the results.

    Thank you!

    • Good point – I agree it could skew results. I did have a shutter release cable for the Phase One, but not one for the Sony. I tried to keep it equal in that respect. But, in all honesty, I don’t see any camera shake in any photo at 100% magnification. I made sure it didn’t move, luckily my heavy studio stand helped out quite a bit, it’s almost bolted to the ground feeling. It weighs a hell of a lot. :)

  4. Hi. Thanks for the review. Quite instructional, but is it me or there is some posterization visble in the sony’s photograph? I can see it near the watch’s number five mark, like some banding that’s not present in the P1 photograph. Aside that I perceive some minor magenta cast in sony’s colour rendition. Not bad at all for the sony mirrorless. 4 years ago this would have seemed sci-fi, but 4 years is a lot of time in technological terms.

    Keep the good work

  5. Great comparison, thank you. Have you considered doing a comparison with the Same Schneider Kreuznach 120mm on the A7rII? :-)

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