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Product Photography Tutorial: Leather Handbag

Product Photography Tutorial: Leather Handbag


This time we will do our next Photigy Pro Corner Assignment based on a tutorial, and in two weeks we’ll do a critique and review On AIR workshop for Pro Corner photographers. We believe this way it will be more useful for participants to see the lesson first, then do the homework and then do a review + workshop to fix the most common errors.


This is a new product photography tutorial about working with textured subjects in a studio, how to make them look not flat and preserve a texture. This tutorial includes a 30 minutes behind the scene video from the shot of this leather woman’s handbag.



During this lesson you will learn how to enhance the texture of a leather subject and work on glossy metal as well as shiny parts to make them look nice and smooth. It can be tricky to photograph a textured subject with glossy parts, many times the photographer fails to either preserve the texture or create a smooth look on  shiny metal parts.

In this product photography tutorial I explain how to work with subjects like this handbag in a studio. below is a 100% crop, showing the texture and smoothness of shiny metal:



Watch the Product Photography Tutorial/BTS Below: 



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The Assignment:

This lessons is the next Pro Corner assignment. Take what you’ve learned and create a similar image of any bright colored handbag with shiny metal parts. Style and prop the shot to make the composition more interesting.

Deadline: 04/07/2014 

Submit your work here: Leather handbag

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7 responses on "Product Photography Tutorial: Leather Handbag"

  1. I come from China, I really like your your tutorial, very technical content, I can not pay by RMB Member, I want to watch your Product Photography Tutorial: Leather Handbag tutorials, request help me. My mail is: 5156798@qq.com

  2. Hi Alex
    I just watched the video of the bag, always, tell the member how far the subject is to the background, tell the ratio from on main to fill. From most of your video you always said you know by experience , but do everybody know?
    For some video, it’s difficult to interpret the exact placement of the lights, the distance etc .

    Alex, you are great & you are very experienced.


    I am a Protigy member & Pro Corner

  3. Is there already date and time for the live discussion? I would like to reserve the time for the Hangout in my calendar.
    Ciao Marco

  4. The BTS video does no longer exist!

  5. Thanks Alex for the small tutorial before the assignment! I think it will give us (me anyway) more direction to get the shot right.
    Now off out handbag shopping. My wife will be delighted!!


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