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Playing with Fire – Devil’s Cut Inferno (Tutorial for Pro Corner Assignment)


We’ve worked with continuous light. We’ve worked with strobes. It’s time we blend the two and create an epic infernal image. I’m talking about working with strobes and fire! In this post, we’re going to take a look behind the scenes of a product shot that involves using fire. In this shoot we’ll be working with strobes in conjunction with the flames.
For this we have fun blending techniques to achieve the desired result and we’ll talk a bit about the logic used in selecting our settings.

So, let’s get on with it.

The Final Image

Jim Beam Devil's Cut Inferno - Atlanta Product Photography - Joshua Geiger

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut “Inferno” – Joshua Geiger


Coming Up with a Concept: Video

The first part of creating any cool image is to create a cool concept. Without a concept, your flying blind and not only could you miss a really cool idea, a lot of time can be wasted figuring it out during the shoot.

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Lighting Set-Up: Video

Take a look at this video below for a look at the lighting set-up. I’m not in a large studio for this shoot so the room was kinda cramped. It got hot too! Below this video is a description of the equipment used.






Post-Production: Video




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4 responses on "Playing with Fire - Devil's Cut Inferno (Tutorial for Pro Corner Assignment)"

  1. Is there any problem with videos, they don’t exist !

  2. Looks awesome. Thanks for the tips.

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