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Pro Club Talk #2 with Alex Koloskov

Pro Club Talk #2 with Alex Koloskov

Pro Club Talk is where we answer your questions, review your images submitted to the forum, and just talk. The image critique is outside of challenges and assignments, only regular forum submissions will be reviewed.

This is a recorded version of the second “Pro Club Talk” with Alex Koloskov

We talked about portfolios for commercial photographers, and Alex reviewed portfolios submitted on the Pro Club forum. Also discussed best hosting solutions for a photographer’s portfolio as well as WordPress-based themes that can be used for a professional online representation of a photographer.

1 responses on "Pro Club Talk #2 with Alex Koloskov"

  1. I put my subscription on hold because I had my back injured and a lot of work in this days. I just entered today and saw a message from you Alex on the theme of Pro Talk #2 portfolio review. I will try to activate my Pro Club to watch it soon. Thanks.

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