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101 Composition in photo-videography:

digging into the basics

How Important a composition in product photography? I think it is a foundation of every good shot.

Vadim Chiline, jewelry photographer from Canada and Photigy mentor, has found on YouTube this great video which explains the basics of a composition and posted on the Photigy FB group.

I’am re-posting it here (with Vadim’s original comments) for Photigy readers. This is a great demonstration of how to build a composition – a “must know” for any visual artist, either a photographer, videographer or a painter…

Hey fellow Photigy’ers.

Some of you come from different backgrounds such as engineering, teaching, etc… photography is a hobby, but learning what makes a photo a winner starts by understanding some basics. So….

I wanted to share with you a little video I saw. It’s a very fun 30 minutes movie about composition. This applies to both photographers and videographers alike… this is the basis of art 101. Learn how to properly compose your image, that’s a big part of being a successful artist in whatever medium you use.

PLUS: It’s quite fun to watch/listen too. Great job by the author.

Credits for the video goes to people named Division05, check out their youtube channel.



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