Advertising Beverage Photography

Workshop #62

Advertising Beverage Photography

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, workshop #62


Workshop #62 will bring forth techniques to shoot alcohol along with its packaging box. You probably have shot images of a whisky bottle. But may never have attempted shooting a whisky bottle and its packaging. This is a rare opportunity to learn how to setup, light, compose and take a picture of a bottle of whisky along with its box.

The technique will explain how to use softboxes, combine several of these mixed with kicker lights to finally produce the right kind of moody light for these type of shots. In this video Alex will explain the use of the proper lights, how they accentuate the shot, the accessories that he uses as well as the primary tools, the camera and the lens that goes into making such images.

Join us in this Pro Club Workshop. You can join us from the comfort of your home, interact in real time just as you would do if you were here in the workshop.

Advertising Beverage Photography Video Tutorial

Post-Production Video Tutorial

Student’s Submissions

Critique and Review

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