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Amazing paint underwater behind-the-scene:

Advertising campaign for a paint maker

Let’s be clear. It’s hard to impress audience and grab attention of potential clients nowadays. There are a lot of visual information we consume every day, sometimes our minds don’t have enough resources to remeber or distinguish remarkable ad. But seems like guys from McKinney and PSYOP know how to do that right way.


The entire ad was made for Sherwin-Williams company without CGI. Yes, that’s correct.


Actual paint interacts with water, transforming and creating various shapes. A Phantom camera was mounted on the high-speed robot arm called Spike, providing outstanding motion control. High FPS rate allows capturing moving paint underwater in a very appealing way, which won’t be possible without such equipment.


400-gallon (approximately 1514 liters) tank was used to allows to do such camera movements.


Take a look at the making of video below.

Another important thing is software. Using Flame the crew had an opportunity to edit and compose footages on the fly and see the result right on set.

Looking at the entire production you might think that it’s more like laboratory than an actual process of shooting an ad.


Few images by London based photographer Mark Mawson used in the print ads.


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