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BTS of Advertising Splash Shot

Hi, my name is Ihor Smishko, and I work and live in Ukraine. I am still life photographer of production team Lustre360. I like complicated projects, where I need to work with our retoucher.

BTS of Advertising Splash Shot

The Idea


We shoot some products for our self-promotion. The idea of this project was “blowing up a taste of apple cider”. So we started from scetch. Then we needed to see how the bottle is blowing up. And we’ve made some test captures with a real blow. The result appeared and we started to shoot the final image.


Lighting Setup

I used two light sources with honeycomb grids on a background with yellow and green gels. To shoot a bottle, I’ve used stripbox one the left and another one on the right being put behind a diffusion panel.





We hung a top half of a bottle on a line and put another bottom part on a shooting surface. So I got the basic image. We blew up a balloon with water to simulate a blast from a firecracker. It’s important to show an interaction between liquid and apples. It was also necessary to shoot pieces of glass with water.

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Ihor Smishko



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