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Canon EOS M review announcement:

see what I’ve got to play with!

Yep, this is the first Canon mirrorless camera, Canon EOS M. I’ll be testing it along with the Canon 7D to find out what will be our daily carry-on camera.

Believe it or not, but these two are considered for this role. Both have a 18Mpx crop-size sensor, both cost less than $1000, both accept Canon EOS mount lenses (this is a must for a candidate).

BTW, this camera will be primary used by one beautiful little lady, and I really hope she will choose Canon M: it should fit her hand ideally as well as fit in her purse.

It is a smart camera, and I love smart things. And it is also look nice, check it out:


Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M Ongoing Review

Large sensor

Canon EOS M review announcement

With EOS-mount  lens adapter

Canon EOS M review announcement

With Canon 50mm F1.4 lens mounted:

Canon EOS M review announcement

With Canon 8-15mm F4.0L fisheye lens:

Canon EOS M review announcement
As usual, you can expect in-studio review to be done. I hope IQ will be close to Canon 7D. I really hope:-)

If you have any crazy ideas on how to test it, what situations and features you want me to cover in this test, please post here.


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Canon EOS M ongoing review: first impressions and sample photos



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