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CGI for Photographers

Beverage Photography + CGI, Workshop #88

CGI for Photographers, Workshop #88

CGI for Photographers, Beverage Photography + CGI Workshop

This is a product photography tutorial for the Professional Interactive Education Program, Workshop #88

We continue to explore the world of CGI and Photography. You may like CGI or not, but the future of commercial product photography is exactly there – between photography and CGI rendering. Sometimes its easier, faster and cheaper to take a picture and retouch it. Sometimes – render a scene or parts of it using CGI. 
The golden spot is a blend of both. This is why we provide your Pro Club members with skills to shoot and skills to use software like Blender (free to download and use).

Enjoy our new workshop!

Your instructors for this workshop are Andrei Raileanu and Andrey Mikhaylov

Deadline for homework submission: April 12, 2021

The date of the live review: April 12, 2021 | 1pm PST

Meet your instructors


Andrei Raileanu

Commercial advertising photographer with 10 years of experience and customers all across the world.

“I consider myself lucky to be able to make a career by doing something that I like so much. Passion is the main driver behind every project”

Andrey Mikhaylov Portrait

Andrey Mikhaylov

A photographer with over 12 years of experience.

“I help people to release their potential through my educational content.”

In-Studio Photography Tutorial

Post-Production Tutorial

Blender Tutorial

Before and After

Photigy-Wprkshop-88-Before BEFORE
Photigy-Workshop-88-after AFTER

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