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Commercial Photography Assignment case-study:

when things go wrong

This 35 minute video was recorded a few months ago, and I was in some doubt as to whether I should share it or not. It reveals a situation we had with one of our clients, when not everything went the way we both wanted.

The video was filmed during a multi day assignment and I wouldn’t call it a photography tutorial (even though we did explain the BTS of the shots we got) Mostly it’s a monologue where I describe the issues that the client and I experienced in connection with the assignment and my analysis of the mistakes that we both made.

It is not always easy, nor is it particularly sexy, to show the “dark side” of the running a professional photography studio, but I have chosen to do so because I feel that being open and honest about the bad, as well as the good, will be valuable to our community; so here we go! Enjoy 🙂


Now enjoy some of the shots we made during the assignment. You gotta love the resolution from the MFDB (Medium Format Digital Back); 100% crops included:

This is a composite shot, where we shot each brush individually.

Commercial Photography Assignment case-study

And these are the 100% crops from the image above:

Commercial Photography Assignment case-study
Commercial Photography Assignment case-study
Commercial Photography Assignment case-study



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