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Creating a Product Shot of Google Glass

So, one day Sergey Brin called me and asked if I can shoot this awesome device called Google Glass. Of course I said yes and immediately got the Glass! He-he:-)


This is what I got: a product shot of Google Glass

Creating a Product Shot of Google Glass

As usual, I tried to get as much as possible with the camera and lights, and below are two “final” shots I got right from the camera. I was debating (here) which one would go to post-production, and selected the one with a spotlight illuminating the background.

 Out of the camera images of Google glass (screenshot from capture One)

Creating a Product Shot of Google Glass

As you can see, the main task for retouching was to remove the clamp from the image. And I will admit that there were better “non-destructive” options to fix Google Glass in the air for the shot, and maybe it would have been simpler to suspend it from a few fishing wires. However, I always prefer more rigid fixtures, so I went with this crocodile clamp called Delta 1 – Dual Arm, Triple Clamp, Base and Plate (BTW, I use it a lot for holding small items; a cool thing).


I’ve recorded the whole process of getting the shot from the very first step till the final shot, and our Pro Corner subscribers can watch the 40 minute photography tutorial below. The video is for advanced studio photographers, and you can always join our club if you feel like it; the options are below.

In the Gearbox

Camera: Hasselblad H1
Digital Back: Leaf Aptus 75
Lens: Hasselblad HC 120mm F4.0 macro
Lighting: Broncolor Grafit A2/A4 packs and Pulso heads
Light Modifiers: Westcott Diffusers, PCB softboxes, Fresnel Lens Spots, etc
Studio support/grip: See my B&H wish list

P.S I was kidding about that call form Sergey Brin about shooting Google Glass. This shot was 100% my idea:! Thank you for reading till the end! 🙂



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