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Creating Volume & Shape of a Textured Subject

This BTS video will show the basic approach on how to shoot any non-glossy subjects in tabletop photography, and how to create volume and show the shape. Enjoy 🙂


These are some of the shots from the photo-shoot:

The most important to remember:

Use side lighting, find an angle where it creates gradients on a subject’s flat surfaces
Use diffusers or reflectors to create a gradient if needed. Avoid flat a look (i.e evenly filled with light flat surfaces)
Stripboxes (narrow softboxes) are preferable for shots like this
Tip: use the dodge and burn tool in photoshop to enhance / create gradients on flat surfaces of a subject, if it was not possible to do it with lights during the shot.
Create a reflection on the glass (lens) with stripbox, not a softbox ( check out my mistake, make sure you watch the video till the end)
If shooting on black, consider creating a gradient on the background, it will add drama to the shot.

The lighting setup (still, it will be more interesting to watch the video):

Creating Volume & Shape of a Textured Subject

Thank you!


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Creating Volume & Shape of a Textured Subject



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