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Creative Beverage Photography

Workshop #57

Creative Beverage Photography

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, workshop #57

Workshop #57 of the Photigy Online School is related to creative beverage photography. Honestly, we have already covered quite a lot on this topic. But being a creative avenue there is more than one way of accomplishing the same thing in photography. Just the way Alex accomplished photographing this beverage bottle.

As you can see this is not just another image of a beverage bottle. This shot was made during the workshop. You will have access to the process of making this video shortly. But for the moment you can check out the image on the right. Sparks literally flew when he captured this gorgeous shot.

The current task requires you to replicate the same shot that Alex had captured. You may use different props and techniques to replicate the sparks (as long as you maintain proper safety procedure and don’t burn down your house).

You have two weeks to do your homework and come up with a similar to the image showcased here. Your submissions will be reviewed live on the next critic and review webinar. Alex will dissect every submission and tell you where you have room to improve and how you can improve your image.

In order to participate in this workshop or the ones in the future, all you need to do is sign up for the Pro Club. Our pro club gives you full access to our webinars where you can have your images reviewed by Alex or the other trainers on Photigy and access to the online workshops and videos.

Creative Beverage Photography

Creative Beverage Photography Video Tutorial

Post-production, Part 1 Video Tutorial

Post-production, Part 2 Video Tutorial

Post-production, Part 3 Video Tutorial

Student’s Submissions

Creative Beverage Photography Submission 1
Creative Beverage Photography Submission 2
Creative Beverage Photography Submission 3

Critique and Review



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