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Critique, Questions and Answers:

Shooting watches, joysticks and getting a better grip

This is our weekly Questions-and-Answers video session, combined with critique from our “Submit your work” forum. The source of the questions: Q&A Forum on Photigy.

There were not many questions, and I’ve enjoyed reviewing images submitted for the review.

Let’s take a look at these shots:

Great shots, I’ve especially enjoyed work from Curtis Hustace. Make sure to check out his forum posts where he shared the lighting setups, here and here.

Please remember, that now the shot of the lighting setup is required when you post your work for the review and critique.

Thank you, everyone, for the great work! I’ve got another cool idea about what and how to critique and review, I think we’ll get one more series of studio photography insights from Photigy team… Stay tuned!


Got a question? Submit it here: Photigy Q&A forum


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