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Food Photography Tutorial Using Fuji GX680 Tilt and Shift Movements

Hallow to all Photigians!

As you probably know from a previous video tutorial, I have made a hybrid Fuji GX680 mark I, with a Hasselblad Ixpress 132c medium format digital back. I wanted to test the tilt and shift movements with something bigger than jewelry or product packaging and I thought of Food photography. I wanted to show a big frame with some props that are going to help in composition to reveal the tilt and shift blur.


Food Photography Tutorial Using Fuji GX680 Tilt & Shift Movements

The Lighting Set-Up

On this shoot I used two Broncolor 1600J flashes and for fill lights two different mirrors one flat vinyl mirror and one parabolic from an old reflective telescope of mine. One flash was from the left with a strip box and a Plexiglas sheet to create a smooth fill light, and the other flash was the background light with a P70 standard reflector with honeycomb grid; it is positioned behind the two glass bricks used for creating some ripple rays from the back of the composition.

I used the maximum movement of the camera, for the upwards tilt and right shift to create the diagonal focus pattern.

The Final Image After Post Production


For the final composition, I used three different shoots one, only with the flashes light, one with the flat mirror and one with the parabolic mirror.

   In the Gearbox

Shooting Specifications:

Camera: Fuji GX680 Mark I with Hasselblad MFDB
Lens: Fujinon 100mm f/5,6 shooting at 9,5
Sync speed: 1/400 sec
ISO: 50

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