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    Jerome Delécluse

    There is some demand for catalogue photography concerning textile in my area. Mostly clothes, but some textile for decoration too. I would be interested by a course about that kind of subject. Some pictures require a model, but not the majority.

    But, am I right thinking that photographing that kind of subject, mostly flat and mat, is technically not really difficult / interesting? Or could some technical aspect of this kind of subject justify a specific course on clothes/textile photography?

    I was just wondering.

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    Andrey Mikhaylov

    Jerome, technically it’s not that difficult, you’re right. But you have to show the structure in the right way to make sure that a viewer actually sees details on the textile and can identify the material right. I think the hardest part is styling and overall composition approaches.

    Btw, such techniques are covered in the certification program:

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    Jerome Delécluse

    Hello, thanks for the answer.
    I’m doing the certification program. I guess you are talking about capturing the texture of the material?

    An important point that you mentioned: styling and composition. I’m sure I’m not the only photographer who would be interested in a course about that. Although that’s quite a different job, it can definitely help photographers that work alone. I also heard Alex saying that he was not good at it, but maybe he could be good at finding the right persons to make a whole course on that? The goal wouldn’t be to become a master in that field, but know enough when you have to work alone.

    That could be styling / composition for jewelery/clothing/food/etc… photography.

    Have a nice day.

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