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How to setup your camera for studio photography

The starting point for setting up your camera for studio lighting

So, you have your camera, you’ve got a lens that you want to use for your first product shot, and you have a few strobes or speedlights to light your product. Now what? Where do you start with your settings? What should your shutter speed be?

In this tutorial, Timothy Kou shows you the importance of starting an image with a “clean slate,” which means killing the ambient light before it kills your photograph. The first half of this tutorial shows where our starting point should be; the second half explains why shutter speed is irrelevant to motion blur in a studio setting and some ways to understand flash sync speeds.

You will learn…

How to properly expose an image before you add studio lighting
A basic starting point for studio photography
Tips on how to kill ambient light
Basics of flash sync


Correct camera settings for best lighting control


Maintain camera settings for high-speed flash

Course for newcomers

Certification Program