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How to shoot tethered with Sony A7r

in the Studio

How to shoot tethered with Sony A7r

Hi all: Recently I purchased a Sony A7r 36MP camera.  One question asked is how to shoot tethered with Sony a7R in studio. I made as short video below which gives you a brief synopsis of how I use it in the studio. It’s a great camera that takes really nice images.


100% Crop from the image above

How to shoot tethered with Sony A7r in the Studio


Here is my Sony a7R with Nikon lens

How to shoot tethered with Sony A7r in the Studio

The Review of the Sony a7R for Studio Environments on Vimeo

(for those having trouble viewing on youtube)

In the Gearbox

Things you will need to have to tether with and use the wifi live view (as mentioned in the video)

Sony a7R
DNA Tethering Plugin from
Sony’s Freee Software for iPhone and iPad – Play Memories

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