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I’ve got new head…

Ball head:-)

Today was a pretty good day for us. Besides my US citizenship I’ve got my new head.. ball head:-) If you remember there was my G+ topic few days ago where I was asking about opinions on a ball head, was considering Arcatech or RRS.

Eventually I decided to go with a less expensive route, because I shot mostly in a studio where I use a geared Manfrotto head and my work on location is more like an exception. I didn’t buy one of the best heads.. Instead I got a good one. Benro B3, rated up to 66 pounds, for $220 at B&H.

Below is a few photos of the head that I’ve just snapped in studio. I couldn’t resist not to get one with the Hassy:-) It looks so sexy on it:-)))

Benro b3 ball head with Hasselblad H1 by Alex Koloskov

Benro b3 ball head by alex koloskov

Benro b3 ball head by alex koloskov

Now I am ready for tomorrow’s shoot for “The Atlantian” magazine. Time to start packing the van:-)

P.S This is almost a re-post from G+. I still haven’t decided what to do. I post a lot there, but also want keep my most interesting stuff here on my blog. So don’t be surprised to see some similarity between them 🙂 At least here it won’t sink as fast as it does on Google plus.


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