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I’ve got new head…

Ball head:-)

Ball head

Today was a pretty good day for us. Besides my US citizenship I’ve got my new head.. ball head:-) If you remember there was my G+ topic few days ago where I was asking about opinions on a ball head, was considering Arcatech or RRS.

Eventually I decided to go with a less expensive route, because I shot mostly in a studio where I use a geared Manfrotto head and my work on location is more like an exception. I didn’t buy one of the best heads.. Instead I got a good one. Benro B3, rated up to 66 pounds, for $220 at B&H.

Below is a few photos of the head that I’ve just snapped in studio. I couldn’t resist not to get one with the Hassy:-) It looks so sexy on it:-)))

Ball head

Benro b3 ball head with Hasselblad H1 by Alex Koloskov

Ball head

Benro b3 ball head by alex koloskov

Ball head

Benro b3 ball head by alex koloskov

Now I am ready for tomorrow’s shoot for “The Atlantian” magazine. Time to start packing the van:-)

P.S This is almost a re-post from G+. I still haven’t decided what to do. I post a lot there, but also want keep my most interesting stuff here on my blog. So don’t be surprised to see some similarity between them 🙂 At least here it won’t sink as fast as it does on Google plus.




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