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Jewelry Photography with Continuous lighting

Pro Club Workshop #93


Jewelry Photography with Continuous Lighting, Pro Club Workshop #93

In this jewelry photography class, Alex Koloskov was shooting a glossy necklace with gemstones on a glass crystal. You will learn how to work with glossy jewelry and what types of light modifiers are the best to use in such a lighting setup.

Alex will also show you the advantages of continuous LED lighting and how to use them to create an unusual look for your shots.

Your instructors for this workshop are Alex Koloskov and Anna Kevorkian

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Deadline for homework submission: TBD

The date of the live review: TBD  | 1pm PST
In this jewelry photography class, Alex Koloskov shoots a bracelet with gemstones 

Meet your instructors

Alex Koloskov

Alex is one of the worlds best commercial advertising photographers, co-founder, and teacher at

He is also the man behind Photigy’s most popular courses and tireless idea generator

Anna Kevorkian

Art director, photographer in Visual Concept Solutions.

She believes in intelligent creativity. The success of a project must be predictable because there is always a way to calculate the route to the desired outcome.

In-Studio Photography Tutorial

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 1

Lightroom Work

Selecting images for compositing, and setting white balance.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 2

Necklace Compositing

Alignment of the layers with the metallic parts and gemstones. Contrast and clarity fixes..

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 3

Necklace Cleaning

Removal of unwanted reflections, dirt and scratches.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 4

Final Fixes ofJewellery

Noise reduction, colour cast and clarity fixes. Minor exposure and sharpness adjustments in the gemstones.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 5


Aligning the necklace with the surrounding, compositing the lighting effects, masking, and blending.

Post-Production Tutorial, Part 6

Bringing Image to Perfection

Cleaning the dust and dirt from the background, edge refinement. Adding special effects and a “filmic” look to the final image.

Final Image

ProClub Workshop #93

Before-After the post-production

dyson_vacum_cleaner_advertising AFTER
dyson_vacum_cleaner_advertising BEFORE

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