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Learn Studio Tabletop Photography:

Review and Critique and mistakes fixes (01-15-2013)

This is Review & Critique from “Submit your work” forum, recorded 01/15/2013

Contributors of these weeks:

Pawel Pietrzyk,  Patric Bergkvist, Paul Rysdale,  Sergio Vindas, Sujay Tokade, Curtis Hustace,  John Motzi, D. Bauer, Howard Lebowitz,   Finn Bjurvoll (sorry, missed one of your shots) and Belisario Roldan.

Thank you guys!

The images were reviewed:

Hint: Use photographer’s  name in the image name, have EXIF data and the world will find out about you 100 times faster:-)

As usual, all the lighting setups from each of  the shots can be found on the Photigy forum: Submit your work

I had made some quick adjustments on few shots I’ve reviewed (watch the video), and to make the difference more visible, posting before and after images below. See how much difference you can make in one minute. Do not neglect post-production if you want to be a top studio product photographer!


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