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Lightroom 101.1: An Introduction to Lightroom

Lightroom as an organization and mass editing tool.

A professional photographer knows how important it is to keep files organized and easy to locate. A photographer shooting RAW images knows how tedious it can be to edit multiple images for simple things like color and contrast. This is why Adobe has given us Lightroom.

In this tutorial, Tim Kou shows how Lightroom can be used as a powerful file organization tool and mass editing tool for RAW images. This tutorial is for people that are new to Lightroom or people that may not have considered using Lightroom because they already have Photoshop.

You will learn:

Lightroom is not Photoshop, and it’s not trying to be
How to organize photos within Lightroom using keywords
How Lightroom can be used to separate photography categories using catalogs
How Lightroom can be used to process multiple RAW images at one time


Organize Your Images

An Introduction to Lightroom


Process RAW files seamlessly between Lightroom and Photoshop

An Introduction to Lightroom



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