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Magic of Polarized Light in Commercial Studio Photography

This online workshop for advanced studio photographers that will teach you how polarized lighting can solve many problems that commercial photographers are facing and dramatically reduce post-production time


It looks like a magic… Things disappear with a slight turn of a filter. You’ve discovered the huge potential for studio photography was hidden behind the physics of polarization.

This is a recordings from Pro Corner online workshop where we explored the possibilities of polarized lightning for a studio still life photographer.

Below are unprocessed out-of-the-camera images that were changed by using a polarized light.

These images can’t be considered final images a photographer would produce for a client, but represents the possibilities of using polarized lighting for a commercial studio photography shots

Highlighting only label in beverage photography:


Showing what is behind the glass:


Watch Photography:


Jewelry Photography:


Where to get the necessary equipment: 

(To access, you need to login into your  Interactive Photography Learning Program (Pro Club) account)

For Alex Koloskov’s workshop we used “Linear Polarizer by the foot fully laminated” sold by

Linear Polarizer by the foot fully laminated

For starters, we recommend this polarized film:

 PF006 – Linear Polarizer by the foot 

or PF006_EDU Linear Polarizer Film educational grade
(low cost alternative)

If you are interested, you could also try to use a circular polarized film:

 PFC-EC Economy Circular Polarizer Pair (left and right hand) 

CPL filters needed for this workshop:

Pro Level B+W CPL filters

Starter’s CPL filters (Tiffen)



and get 50% OFF

Sale Ends In:


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