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Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces” –

Product Photography Behind The Scene

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

Hello, my name Alexandr Vlassyuk, a photographer from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I studied graphic arts at university, and have worked more than 10 years as a graphic designer.

Photography had been my hobby since childhood, and it become a passion when I created a small photography studio.
I enjoy advertising photography as well as landscape, portrait and wedding photography and I shoot a lot for photo stock agencies such as

I bought my self a new pair of boots, brought them home and decided to photograph before test them out in the mountains.
Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

To shoot on a dark background I decided from the beginning. Black plexiglass was placed at the base and dark blue paper background. I hung the boot on the fishing line so only the toe was touching the table and took few test shots.

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

After reviewing the captured images on the monitor it seemed boring to me and I began to think what can be done to make the picture more interesting. The shoes had a long laces and it grabbed my attention. I thought it would look interesting if laces would be floating in the air.

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

To make it happen, I installed metal pipe above the table to which with the masking tape I connected fishing line. The other end of the fishing line was connected to the shoe by the knot. The excess of the line was cut off so doesn’t create more work in post-production.

After checking the composition again, I decided to place the right lace little bit in front so I attached a thin strip of plexiglass to the metal pipe and connected the shoelace to it the same way.

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”
Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

Lighting setup:

On the left hand side I positioned stripbox 40×140

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

For background, light with honeycomb grid 10°

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”
Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

Now we need to highlight the boot from the front. Here I used honeycomb grid 5°

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”
Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”
Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

To complete the composition I added little bit of water around the boot and few drops on the boot itself.

And here is the final image.

Making of “Boot with “flying” shoelaces”

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In the Gearbox

Shooting Specifications:

The Lighting:

Bowens 500
stripbox 140×40
stripbox 90×20
honeycomb grids 10° and 5°

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Lens: Sigma AF 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

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