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Making of “Soap and bubbles” shot –

Product Photography Behind The Scene

Hello, my name Aleksandr Vlassyuk, a photographer from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I studied graphic arts at university, and have worked more than 10 years as a graphic designer.

Photography had been my hobby since childhood, and it become a passion when I created a small photography studio.

I enjoy advertising photography as well as landscape, portrait and wedding photography and I shoot a lot for photo stock agencies such as

In this tutorial you will learn how Alexander has made this image:


Items used to create the image:

To create this image I used: bar of soap, scotch tape, paper clips, green leaves, strip of clear plastic.

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To make the soap bar stand I made a bracket from the paper clips and fixed strip of clear plastic on the back of a soap at the right for me angle. Two leaves I connected together using a double-sided scotch tape.

(click image to inlarge)

The whole composition was set on a black plexiglass and on the back dark blue paper background drop.

Now about the lighting setup:

On the left I used 40 x 140 cm stripbox.

To separate the object from the background I used light with 10° honeycomb grid.

After taking few test shots, I decided to add diffuser in front of the stripbox to soften the light.

When that was set I added another stripbox 20×90 cm on top.

And the last light source with 5° honeycomb grid was places on the right to highlight the soap and leaves.

To create the bubbles I used dishwashing soap mixed with a little bit of water and through a straw I blew bubbles in the places I needed.

And this is the final image

   In the Gearbox

Shooting Specifications:
The Lighting:
Bowens 500
stripbox 140x40
stripbox 90x20
standard reflector 7″
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: AF Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro IS USM


Alexandr Vlassyuk:

Tel. +7 777 2452324