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Photigy Live:

Clear Glass shot

Photographing with glass in studio:

This what we had to this week assignment, and this is what I was talking about during Photigy Live event.

As usual, the lighting setups from each shot is on the forum: Clear glass shot: Deadline 1st Nov, 2012 

The Winner: Curtis Hustace 

Photigy Live: Clear Glass shot

Congratulations, Curtis!

You won a private consultation with me, please let me know your preferable day/time and topics to talk about.

Clear glass shots we did for upcoming lecture for “Starting In Studio Photography With Speedlites Course. They are as-is form a camera, only slight adjustments in ACR were performed.

So, forgive me not cleaned shots, I’d like them to be “as-is” here to inspire other photographers to do as much as possible in the camera… before switching to Wacom tablet:- )

Starting In Studio Photography With Speedlites Course:

Photigy Live: Clear Glass shot
Photigy Live: Clear Glass shot
Photigy Live: Clear Glass shot

This one was cleaned slightly more, and background is pure white:

Photigy Live: Clear Glass shot


From now, we will not accept submissions without a lighting setup shot or very clear and understandable diagram (the real shot(s) is preferable). There is no reason to discuss something which we are not sure how it was photographed. This is all about education, and providing the lighting setup is a “pass” to our community.
So, please do not forget to snap few shots of the setup while it is still there.

The Next assignment:

White (bright) subject on a white background. Something which is hard to show on white. Go creative if you can, it is a big plus.
Submit here: to be created:-) 


All the best to everyone!



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