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Pro Club Photo Challenge #1:

Post-Production Skills

The idea behind the “Pro Club Photo Challenge” is to get photographers push the boundaries of their skills and talents by working on a particular project.

For this challenge you will need to take the provided Hi-Res file of a plain shot of a bottle on white background and make the image you see on “after” slide below.

Please download Hi-Res JPEG file and use it as a starting point for your challenge. Please do your best and create the image as close as possible (or even better!) to instructor’s “after” image below.

Note: Once finished, please save your edited PSD file (with all layers preserved!) in the place like DropBox or WeTransfer, and add a link to it with your submission on the forum. The instructor will use it during the review and provide you with suggestions on how to improve your retouching work.

Full (1 hour video) post-production tutorial for this challenge will be available for Pro Club members after the submission period is over.

Let’s make it a real challenge!

 An Example of Before and After Image by Ilya Plotnikov

The main rules of this challenge are:

For Intermediate/Advanced: Use this file to create your own image by doing retouching in Photoshop.
Watch the teaser video for your reference.
To submit your shot and get it reviewed by Photigy Experts, you have to be member of Pro Club community.

 Download Photoshop File for this Challenge



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