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Product Photography Behind The Scene:

The Making of the Flying Shoe

Hi Photigy readers!

It’s a honor to be published on Photigy, and I hope my behind the scene will help those of you who is interested in learning a creative product photography.

My name is Rui Bandeira, I’m a photographer from Porto, Portugal. I really love product and commercial photography, but I also love concert photography.

I’m an ex drummer and I’ve always had a passion for image and photography.

I used to have a music teacher that said: “In music there are no teachers or students, only students, and those who know more teach those who know less …”

I think the same about photography.

The Flying Shoe

Product Photography Behind The Scene

In the Gearbox

Canon 5DMkII

Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

For the lights I used 4 studio stobes whith 400W


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