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GODOX S30 Focusing LED Light REVIEW

Affordable, Flexible LED Lighting System ​

The team at Godox recently reached out to us to see what we thought of their new Focusing LED Light S30. As you can see in the intro image, these lights can put out some bright light—30W, in fact. And as you will see in Alex’s review, the Focusing LED Light S30 has a solid build with an impressive variety of modifiers to help you create, shape, and color the light.

Check out the review and let us know what you think!

Part 2

In Part 2 of our in-depth review, Alex demonstrates how to shoot a dramatic liquor ad-style product shot in-camera featuring an attractive bottle, a unique crystal glass filled with fake ice (of course!) and a generous four fingers of whiskey.

To craft the image, Alex uses three lights: two Godox S30’s for the subject and a strobe for the background light. As you will see, mixing the constant LED lights with a strobe is no problem. Using the S30’s Framing Shutters and Projection Attachment enables Alex to create the perfect sliver of key light to illuminate the bottle’s label without creating a nasty reflection on the bottle itself.

One of the major benefits of the Godox S30 is the ability to focus a tight, small beam of light precisely where you want it without overpowering the subject. After some experimentation with the fill light placement, Alex uses this capability to great effect to capture the final image. Check it out!

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