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Q&A #1

I decided to start this Questions and Answers topic and want to do it on a regular basis. Every week I’ll be selecting the most interesting questions I receive and will answer them via recorded video right from a studio. It could be a quick demonstration of the technique with quick shot, or just a talk. This is the first video,I spent some time explaining what I am doing, as it was necessary for a first time: meaning next time it will be shorter and more concentrated with useful info:- )

The questions I was answering were these:

  • How to get sharp edge while shooting on a white background?
  • What lighting will be good for this type of shots?

Have a question?

Post it here: and you will see the answer next time on our Q&A video session. It may not be necessary me who will contribute an answer: I can always ask any other expert to collaborate an answer if I feel that he/she can do it better than me.
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If you are already a premium member (we call you “Light Master”), please post your question into Q&A topic in the “Pro Corner” area, and you’ll have a personal video response from me or another photigy expert.



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