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Photigy Success Story:

an interview with Elnaz Taassob

Featured Interview

Elnaz Taassob is a professional photographer for 10 years. She was born in Iran, Shiraz. She has a master’s degree in Graphic design from Tehran University. Elnaz also participated in many graphic illustration and photography exhibitions and became a member of the Iranian photographs society. She has shown a very impressive work of art. It is such a great pleasure to us and we are proud to share her work as a part of this features interview.

Success Story Interview with Elnaz Taassob-gucci-2How long have you been a photographer (hobbyist or professional)?

I have been a professional photographer for about ten years.

Is it your profession (part-time or full-time) or are you still learning?


If it is your profession: Tell us a little about your business. How long have you been a working photographer? What types of photography services do you offer? What helps set you apart from your competition?

I have a master’s degree in graphics and I try to have an advertising perspective mostly in photography, and creative ideas are important to me.

If you are still learning: What are your goals (or plans) as a photographer? What would you like to do after reaching a level that would enable you to do commercial quality work?

I’m always learning and the plan for the future is to expand advertising photography and be more creative.

Success Story Interview with Elnaz Taassob-hawk-shine-btsWhat made you decide to pursue product photography?

I like objects and I like to display them in the best way.

How did you first learn about Photigy?

It was a good learning program and I was able to correct many of the lighting problems.

When did you take your first course (what year)? 

Two years ago (2019).

How many product photography courses or workshops have you taken through Photigy? Do you have a favorite course or workshop? If so, what made it your favorite? 

Only The Complete Guide to Product Photography

When you first got started, what did you find to be the most challenging aspect of photographing products?

Product lighting is the most challenging part. Especially for glass and metal materials.

What is your favorite product image you created since taking courses/workshops through Photigy?

           Gucci Bloom

Success Story Interview with Elnaz Taassob-lipton-orange

What specialty in product photography interests you the most (beverage, food, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.)? 

I like object layouts.
beverage, food, cosmetics.

How has your learning experience with Photigy affected your success as a photographer or pursuit of photography?

For example: Are you able to create images you couldn’t previously? Did it enable you to earn money photographing products? Did you start a product photography business? Did it increase your overall photography skills, etc.?

I pay more attention to lighting.

What advice do you have for people interested in pursuing product photography?

Follow photography with interest and effort.

What other areas of photography interest you?

Stage photography and still life. 

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